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Workout of the Week KB Thruster
14-Jan-2013, By Michelle Adams - Science Editor mp-body.com
The workout of the week consists of a new breed of I.C.E session- or, if you’d like to look at it as interval weight training you can do that too. Here we combine the rower with a kettlebell move. It will be executed as follows:

• Row 200 meters as fast as possible
• Complete 5-8 double kettlebell clean-thrusters (double KB clean performed prior to each thruster)**
• Rest only as long as necessary, repeat 3 times (3x= 1 round)
• Rest 3 -5 minutes
• Repeat for 3 rounds aiming to keep 200 m row time as consistent as possible

**Kettlebells are meant to be a challenge, avoid going too light.

Key points:
• Maintain consistent time for row- looking for decrement in performance to be minimal.
• Kettlebell clean-spine should remain neutral throughout the movement.
• KB should land in rack position prior to commencing thruster.
• Neutral spine should be maintained especially as KB reach overhead. Remember, lack of shoulder ROM (or thoracic extension) will result in lumbar hyperextension. Be vigilant.
• KB should return to rack position before attempting another rep.

This can be modified for use with clients of any level
• DB instead of KB
• Single Arm (SA) clean
• Remove cleans and do thrusters only
• Increase rest period between rounds/reps


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