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Forget the number By MP Level 3 Specialist Courtney Ley


For as long as I can remember stepping on the scales was a regular torture. The anticipation would build up, what number the little digital dial would stop at.

And then it appears, and flashes continuously like it’s mocking you…

I remember being weighed at school. I remember starting my own little ‘biggest loser’ type challenge with my sister. We would meet up every week to weigh ourselves and keep record of our weigh loss.

When Courtney Ley dropped her dependence on the scale she dropped 
3 dress sizes!

I remember weighing myself at the gym, before and after I worked out, hoping the number would be dramatically different every time.

Before I started MP I had no idea how dependent on the scale I had become. The number going down was the only thing that mattered.

Once I started MP I learnt over time that the scales don’t matter, and I have got to the stage now where I don’t weigh myself at all.


Because I pretty much stay the same weight regardless…however my clothes fit differently!

Which one is more important to me?…Yes, my clothes size going down!

There are many different factors to consider, especially as women, when we rely on the scales as our weigh loss guide.

Is it the same time of day/month?

Have you just eaten?

Have you had anything to drink?

The questions could go on and on.

But back then I didn’t realize the impact these things could have. If I stepped on the scale and the number was higher, or no different, I would be devastated.

This devastation would lead me to throw in the white flag and give up. It was all just too hard.

I was not paying attention to all the other signs showing me that I was on the right path and making changes. My mind would go straight to the negative.

Taking away my dependence on the scale opened my eyes to really see what I had achieved and what I could do.

Over the past 3 years I have gone from a size 18 to a size 12. You would think I have lost in weight, 30kgs even maybe 35kgs, right?

Actually I have lost on the scales about 15kgs.

Doesn’t seem like it would be enough to drop 3 dress sizes, does it?

This is where the problems lie. Numbers so easily play with our minds.

At the end of the day, what difference would the number on the scale make?

Take the distraction away and focus on the things you can control, like your nutrition, your training, your sleep, your water intake and so on.

The results will come and the number on the scale will remain pointless.

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