Dr Alan

Dr Hayes is the Director of the Exercise Metabolism Unit and Senior Lecturer at Victoria University’s Melbourne-based campuses in Australia. However, Alan is also a keen sportsman and avid researcher having designed, supervised and published numerous research studies involving muscle metabolism, body composition and the treatment of diseases such as muscular dystrophy and chronic heart failure.

Dr Hayes is a professional member of the Australian Physiological Society and the American College of Sports Medicine. He’s also currently the Chair of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology Human Research Ethic Committee and is a current reviewer for grant applications for the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia and the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

Alan’s research interest include Muscle contraction and metabolism; muscle mass and ageing; muscular dystrophy; diabetes; calcium and mitochondria. Alan’s current research projects include Muscle mass matters; Whey protein in resistance training and ageing; Exercise as a strategy for weight loss; Metabolic dysregulation in muscular dystrophy; Improving recovery from muscle damage; Dietary supplementation and muscle function in diabetes. Alan loves his basketball and the mighty Hawthorn Hawks in the AFL.


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