A huge thank you to all contestants that entered. Did you know that only a fraction of entrants actually follow through with their 'good intentions' to transform.  In fact, less than 20% actually "walk the walk" they talked. Therefore, regardless of the magnitude of your results, if you completed your 12 weeks, that makes you an exceptional person!

Our winner of the May, 2013 MP Transformation is...

Jeremy Leeson is an amazing guy with an incredibly inspirational story.

Jeremy lives with Spastic Diplegia - a form of cerebral palsy. For those that don't know much about cerebal palsy, let me tell you that Jeremy's results are truly amazing. Jeremy worked with MP Specialist Dave Oulton to shed kilos completing only two workouts a week for most of his MP 12 week program.

As Dave explains, "Jeremy has limited control of the lower body. It takes us 5 minutes to position his legs on the leg press between each set. As he can not squat or dead lift, and the range of motion in his legs effects his pressing ability he can't put a full foot on the floor. With these limitations in mind we set out to be really meticulous with his Metabolic Re-program right from the start. We knew exercise was going to be a real slow progression".

Jeremy's program consisted of only 2 FIRE sessions, and 1 ICE session in weeks 4-12 only - Just 12 points maximum each week according to the MP Exercise Points System.

Dave went on to say, "Jeremy also had a voluntary operation in week 7 so he didn't even exercise at all in that week, but made no excuses about being in the hospital bed when it came to his nutrition."

Jeremy says, "put simply MP has changed my life. I think completely differently about food and exercise now. Before bed I make sure I have planned what I’m going to eat and if/when I’m going to train the next day. My shopping lists make sure I have what I need to eat Metabolically Precise for the week. Since I have a young family, and a demanding career, I could only complete two FIRE sessions a week. Week 4 I did my first ICE session. Fitting these in meant using an old exercise bike to do intervals."

Dave said, "while it had improved, Jeremy's lack of flexibility and range of movement meant that he couldn’t perform any of the exercises that most people can in their programs. Rather than use it as an excuse, we simply focused on what Jeremy could do and results exceeded his best expectations."

Jeremy said, "I have strength in my legs I have never had and increased confidence to go with it."

Jeremy needed to have elective surgery in week 8, and could not train, but found sticking to Metabolic Nutrition, he recovered quickly.

Jeremy says, "in week 10, I felt my metabolism switched on and I’m now on a journey that will never really end, but will see me in the best possible shape for the foreseeable future. I feel like an athlete. I feel 10 years younger, and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been".

Dave Oulton said, "I've completed MP Levels 1, 2 and 3, and I'm in the middle of completing MP Level 4. These certifications gave me the skills and resources to produce the sort of result I have with Jeremy."

Read more about MP Specialist Dave Oulton here.

Clearly, Jeremy represents exactly what an MP Transformation is all about - documenting remarkable yet sustainable change. Jeremy is the winner of the $5000 cash as he met all criteria described here.

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Enjoy & the best of luck!

Dr. Paul Cribb PhD.