Would you like to burn three-times more body fat during exercise?

How about three-times burning more fat in half the time you usually spend exercising?

Of course you would!

I’m going to teach you how to do it.

Recent studies show the type of aerobic exercise performed does affect fat metabolism. First of all, research shows that ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) promotes higher utilization of fat in the hours after activity. In particular, the ICE prescription of a structured approach to interval training appears to achieve up to three times greater fat burning capacity compared to regular cardio exercise.

What is effective interval training?

The idea is to exercise at different levels of intensity for a short periods of time, throughout the workout. However, the aim is to structure the workout to maximize work capacity by priming all energy production systems to optimize repeat max-force output, without inducing premature fatigue. Subsequently, this approach will promote maximum fat utilization and calorie expenditure not only during but also, the hours after the workout.

In fact, these structured bursts of maximum effort workloads (followed by lesser effort recovery periods) for just 20 minutes are shown in research to achieved three times the fat loss compared to exercising at a regular pace for 40 minutes or longer.

That's three times the fat loss, in half the time.

Why does a structured approach to cardio promote a better fat loss effect?

High intensity interval training produces a very unique metabolic response. Intermittent, short bursts of very high intensity work produce high levels of chemicals called catecholamines - "fight-or-flight" hormones that are released by the adrenal glands in response to stress. The most abundant catecholamines are epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and dopamine, all of which are produced from the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine. These catecholamines are produced in response to high intensity, repeat maximum-effort exercise, and as a result, more local fat is utilized (burned) to fuel recovery in the hours after.

 Much of the research on this topic has utilized stationary cycling but there is no reason why these benefits cannot be obtained from other forms exercise such as jogging, swimming and rowing etc.

How can you apply this information to ensure better results?

1. Follow the ICE training principles

Most people focus on “getting fit” when they commence an exercise program. However, improving fitness doesn’t guarantee fat loss. I’m sure you know lots of fit people that still have a lot of fat to lose. Maximizing fitness and fat loss takes a structured approach. In my certification courses I teach my trainers

 In my MP Certification courses, I teach the ICE Training System  - A unique, yet incredibly effective system of program construction.  With this method I teach trainers how to piece together an entire 12 week program to ensure that firstly, every workout becomes a potent fat-burning weapon. Secondly, a gaining momentum is achieved that accelerates strength gains and fat loss as the program progresses.  Here’s just a few ways you can optimize fat loss from your aerobic workouts.
  • Focus on intensity not duration – between 15 - 25 minutes is perfect.
  • Move as much of your body as possible at all times.
  • Use a variety of effort levels - exceed thresholds of each energy production system.
  • Don’t perform the same workout often, vary activity, duration & work intervals.
  • Do activities you’re not good at – you’ll burn more calories!
  • Exercise outside when possible.

2. Ensure you are utilizing the right intensity.

For people new to exercise it’s difficult for them to gauge intensity. Many are not sure how much effort needs to be exerted or for how long. This difficulty is compounded by the fact a novice’s fitness level generally increases quickly in the initial stages of any program. For this reason, I use a very simple yet highly effective tool for assessing exercise intensity.

This instrument is relative only to the individual and best of all, it’s an assessment that is self-regulating. I call this tool the IR (intensity rating) scale. Here’s how the IR scale works. The individual rates their own level of effort (intensity) from a scale of 1 to 10.

IR 1 - no physical effort - standing, talking to someone.
IR 3 - moderate activity such as walking.
IR 5 - moderate to vigorous effort - walking up stairs.
IR 6 - vigorous effort, carrying heavy objects up stairs.
IR 7 & 8 - very vigorous effort, the kind that makes talking difficult.
IR 10 - your very best physical effort

Note: Obviously the higher the IR, the less time you'll be able to sustain work capacity. Maximum efforts can’t be sustained for very long & need recovery via lower intensity IR workloads. Also, the longer you work at a high intensity, the more time required for recovery.

Variations of the IR scale have been used by exercise physiologists for years as a means of self-assessment during physical exertion tests.

I think it’s a great way of assessing the effort level in every workout. Virtually any healthy adult can utilize the IR scale to determine their own level of effort during ICE training. As they adapt and evolve in their program so does their perception of the IR scale. The beauty of the IR scale is that your client will never out-grow it.

Importantly, the IR scale can be utilized as a tool that provides structure to the workout. This structure ensures a highly effective (result-producing) workout. The use of the IR scale to structure an ICE workout (and maximize calorie burning efforts) is particularly important for the workouts your client completes without you.

3. Use the IR Scale to structure your workouts and ensure the correct intensity levels.

Think about the type of aerobic exercise that most people do – long, boring, unfocused hours spent performing the same aerobic activities week in, week out. Millions of people find the time to exercise each day but there’s absolutely no structure to their training at all. Heck, no wonder these people never see real changes - they look the same now as they did last month and last year. The problem is, the thought of performing even more work each week, isn’t very appealing.

When you develop the skill to create structure that achieves goals, you’ll experience great success in any aspect of life. You’ll also develop the knack of producing quality results in minimal time. That’s the way I work, and it’s the way I workout.

A great side-effect of structure is focus. Structure ensures the ability to focus clearly on the task at hand. When we apply this principle to exercise training, it means every time you walk into the gym to exercise, you know exactly what you’re going to do, right down to the minute.

When you have this sort of structure, it provides a very clear focus. When you have focus, you have the correct intensity on tap; the ability to generate great intensity at will, anytime. Even when you think, you can’t.

  Metabolic Precision members have access to the MP Exercise & Workouts section. Here you'll find a stack of great ICE training workouts to choose to ensure you are getting the best fat loss response from your cardio workouts. Each one utilizes different intensity intervals to optimize the fat loss response. Each ICE workout comes with its own unique graph illustration. This provides an easy reference for the intensities and intervals you’ll work at.

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Power Play

Can you smash through The Pain Barrier?

Or even be a Masochist!

 Remember, you'll find these and more in the MP Exercise & Workouts section.

To promote the maximum fat loss effect, it’s important to work at different intensity levels for different durations and internals. That’s why I've designed these terrific ICE workout examples. Once you get the hang of it, maybe start to develop your own, just as long as you follow the ICE training guidelines.

Points to remember about ICE training,

• Everyone’s IR scale is different. For some, a level 8 or 9 intense effort may simply be walking up a small hill. No matter what a person’s fitness level is, we each have our own IR scale and it should be incorporated into every workout.

• We all have energy fluctuations from day to day, week to week. That’s part of being human. Some days you’ll feel great and your level 10 will be phenomenal, some days you swear someone has doubled the resistance mechanism on the equipment and it will take all your will just to see the workout through. It doesn’t matter, as long as on that particular day, your level 10 really was your level 10.

• As long as you honestly gave your best at each level, nothing else matters. The whole idea of this system is to keep forcing progression and get you out of your comfort zone with aerobic exercise. If you don’t do this, you won’t get results from your training.

• Most importantly, build the ICE examples into your workout week using The new MP 10 Point Exercise System. This will ensure you’re performing just the right amount of exercise each week to trigger rapid results during your 12 week  Body Transformation Challenge.

When you create the structure that achieves goals, your workouts will possess a focus that transforms ordinary, directionless aerobic exercise into an extraordinary event. You’ll work at a higher level and be able to generate great intensity from apparently nothing. To me, this personifies ICE training. When you incorporate the IR scale into ICE training you’ve created a self-regulating, evolutionary form of result-producing exercise you and your clients will never outgrow or grow tired of.

Whereas most attempts at exercise wipeout strength and body shape improvements, MP takes a science-based approach to exercise program design and construction to maximize results in health, fitness and body shape.

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