The feedback and testimonials just keep piling in......People are getting results with Metabolic Precision when they've tried and failed with just about anything else.


Metabolic Precision systematically constructs the correct metabolism for success. Nutritional intake is monitored precisely, without counting a single calorie.

Yep. No calorie counting.

Not one.

The beauty of Metabolic Precision is that it removes the need for a chore that nobody wants to do or should have to do; calculating daily calorie intake.

Following Metabolic Precision to the letter means that you get to eat lots of delicious food and remain in total control of your nutritional intake - no number crunching.

The fact is, if you follow the MP Steps Of Success to the letter, you know exactly what you are eating - wholesome, nutritious foods (nutrient dense, calorie-sparse choices) that make it extremely difficult to work against your fat loss efforts.

Okay what's the catch??

Well, there is one, liiiittle one.

It's not really a catch, it's more like a 'secret'  behind the success.

In fact, it's a consistent trait that's evident among the most successful eating plans in the world.

What is it?

It's called  being "calorie aware".

Hey you said no counting calories!

I did.

Isn't being calorie aware the same as counting calories?


Being calorie aware is very different to counting calories.

Firstly, I always urge people to read labels and nutrition profiles of their favourite foods, it can be a real eye opener. Learning how much protein, fat and carbs are in your favourite foods is all part of the education process. However, being calorie aware is totally different to counting calories on a daily basis. When you understand the amount of energy (calories) in your favourite foods, it helps determine your choices. The key word here is "understanding" the amount, not just crunching the numbers.

To do that successfully, some people need visuals.

Below are some powerful ‘visuals’ that will illustrate this.

I warn you, some of these pictures will shock and possibly offend!!

In all these pics you'll notice I’ve used an Australian 50 cent coin to show scale and that there is no cheating on my part.

First, 300 calories, what does 300 calories look like?

On the left, mixed vegetables - most people couldn't finish the plate! On the right a fast-food cheeseburger.

On the left, a green salad. On the right, our  fast-food cheeseburger. Check out the difference in volume.

 Pretty scary isn't it?

Okay, now lets look at some 300 calorie comparisons with metabolically precise meals.

Just so  you don't forget, here's our 300 calorie cheese burger. .....

MP chicken breast (100gms) with chick pea salad and Secret Dressing (300 calories)

tuna (125gms) and salad (300 calories), note the size of the plate!

Next up, the good ol' steak n veg. That is, lean poterhouse (over 100grams). Even with flaxseed oil drized over the veggies this meal comes in at just under 300 calories!

Okay, lets bump it up a notch. Lets look at 500 calorie meals.
(Below) The meal on the left is 500 calories of tuna (135gms) and broccoli salad. On the right is a fast-food hamburger with cheese. Both meals provide 500 calories.

What does 900 calories looks like?

Glad you asked.
(Below) The meal on the left, broccoli salad, roasted vegetables and tuna (135grams). The meal on the right is the same hamburger with cheese and a large serve of fries.

Okay, now for the knockout blow......

Now I want you to be honest, how many people go to a fast-food burger place and order just one burger?

Not many.

So here's a typical three burger 'meal' many folks would blink at knocking over. Total calories; over 1500.

Now check out the volume of this 1500 calorie "meal".

Here's the overhead shot just to give you the full impact.

From left to right, just over 1 and a half kilos of green beans, 2 cups of steamed veg, 125 grams of tuna, one large bowl of oven-roasted vegetables, our 300 calorie green salad, our chicken breast (100gms) with chick pea salad and Secret Dressing and 4 cups of steamed broccoli thrown in for good measure. All this still didn't quite add up to 1500 calories.

Okay, sit down and take a deep breath (then exhale).

I warned you this article would be offensive.

Hopefully, you are starting to see what being calorie aware really means.

I also hope these pictures have shown you just how easy to eat too much of the wrong foods. Conversely, when you follow the Metabolic Precision way of eating, it becomes virtually impossible to consume excess calories that will work against your body shaping goals.

In fact, the truth is, most people don’t eat enough of the right foods that will get them the results they so disparately want.

In an effort to 'speed-up' the process, a lot of folks cut calories. That's the first big mistake. The second big mistake is theycut calories without having a clue about the type of meals they need to consume or how many they require each day to ensure results.

That's the double-whammy. People that do it on a frequent basis quickly enter what I call the ‘metabolic slow-down’.

To create the body of your dreams you must avoid the metabolic slow-down at all costs. It is the bane, the scourge of all those who desperately desire to get lean. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer chronic metabolic slow down and don't even know it.

Be sure to go back and revise The Six Secrets of Transformation

Now where's those veggies???

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