“When you are working on homes worth any where up to $50 million dollars the devil is in the details,” Simon confessed.

“When building these incredible homes, you need to focus on the tiny details for a long period of time. When you do the pay off is incredible. The satisfaction, achievement and results are outstanding.

"Getting it right from the start to the finish, no cutting corners. That’s the only way to construct something amazing,” said Simon.

Simon's first transformation, there was even more to come.

Australian born, Simon Tetley live and works in British Columbia, Canada. Simon spent his younger years skateboarding and rollerskating but training for gymnastics became a childhood focus,  he won the Level 6 Men’s Open Victorian Gymnastics Championships. “Gymnastics taught me focus, discipline and body awareness. It also set a foundation for a basic understanding of health and fitness,” Simon said.

Gymnastics doesn't pay the bills so Simon became a carpenter and mastered his craft over the next 15 years. He took it to a very high end level, however by his mid 30's Simon had adopted the 'tradies lifesyle' of smoking, drinking and eating what ever was convenient, "I looked and felt  sluggish,” he said.

Snap point come from unlikely places and situations. For Simon, it was from a visit to his grandmother. “I was visiting my hometown of Melbourne and I in the absolute worst shape of my life,” he admitted.

“I remembered my late grandma’s wise words when she said, Simon, the most important thing in your life is your health. She was right and I knew I needed to make a change. I just didn’t know how to do it yet.”

And as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Once you make a decision and commit to it, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

This couldn’t have been more true than in Simon’s case.

Simon's education in transformation, progression, no matter what the goal.

A get together with some friends in Australia lead to the discussion of a Transformation Challenge they were involved it. Simon thought this sounded interested, but watching his friends talk about food choices and exercise, he realized they where undertaking much more than a 'challenge'  where really getting a complete education on how to look after your number one asset, your health!

So Simon made a point of signing up with his friends MP Coach, the day before returning to Canada! 

Simon worked on-line living in Canada while working with his MP Coach based in Melbourne Australia, via the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS.

I know what you are thinking, ‘Canada? Australia? Can that really work?’ Just look at Simon's before and after pics.

“The On-line Coaching experience I had was amazing. It is a complete process that customizes your own nutrition plan to suit and gave my exercise training an incredible efficiency I'd never experienced before. And my MP Coach was over 14,000 kilometers away.

The next year he returned to Australia and signed on to become a great Transformation Coach.

Simon has learned a lot as both a client and a coach “A key factor is receiving the right information at the right time, not being dumped with too much overwhelming info. Transformation requires a structure you can live with and keep you on the right track..every phase I fully understood what I was learning. The entire process kept me accountable.”

Some big challenges such as socializing, knowing what to order in any restaurant, making decisions on alcohol intake and keeping end goals in mind.. these are all important aspects you learn to address with the right systems.

Other challenges I faced as do many people is managing food preparation, time management, identifying and replacing bad habits,” Simon said.

Simon is now a fitness leader in his community in Vancouver, where his Transformation Studio is based.

“I used to inhale a whole packet of chips by myself on a regular basis and smoke like a chimney. I feel like that was a lifetime ago,” he laughed. “Now I find myself in the fruit and vegetable isle looking for the best price on broccoli, capsicum and buying up on what's in season!”

Simon let us in on a little secret to success in overcoming time management challenges, “When it comes to scheduling and time management it is best to put the gym first so nothing else gets in the way.”

He said, “It’s incredibly easy to sacrifice workouts for so many reasons. You’re tired, you’re having friends over, you have to work late, etc. When I really thought about it, going to the gym would only take 1 hour out of my day, including travel time. I realized it was only a small fraction of my day and that it was easy to balance this with the rest of my life. Staying on track with workouts makes it easier to stay on track with you food as well.

"Workouts create a metabolic window - a time to feed my body to create change, so I made my workouts a number one priority every time. With this attitude, I never missed a gym session," Simon explained.

Simon's systems enable great attention to detail with his clients, which is what attracts great people to work with him

“I was a high-end carpenter,” Simon said, “I use to work on homes worth up to 50 million dollars and the attention to detail was incredible. To achieve the amazing results, the devil is in the detail, I think the same goes for our own body."

"People often think they can go to the gym, throw around a few weights and after a few weeks you look good or even great. When it doesn't happen people seem to make one of two choices... The first is they just give up and settle for the status Quo and get a little chubbier every year even though they exercise regularly...."

"The second choice is to accept what you're doing isn't working and find someone who's been where you are to help you," explained Simon.

Some of Simon's support team at the MP Awards night.

Transformation Tips

1. Align yourself with someone who has been there and knows what to focus on and when to achieve results. That is, there is certain aspects you need to focus on first before anything else - food proximity, building the environment, meal frequency and then improving construction. Only once you've done this do you need to focus on finer details. The key is not too implement too much information too soon.

2. Pay attention to the details. Know where your metabolic window is, learn what foods work for you inside the window and out. You can only do this via accurate recordings. Sure, understanding the big concepts is important, but the details are what spell the difference between changing your body and nailing a million dollar lifestyle transformation!

3. Be patient. This can be one of the hardest parts. My first transformation took 24 weeks and know i know that was just the beginning. In our society we are used to instant gratification. The thing about ‘instant’ is that it doesn't usually last. It takes time to place bad habits, identify triggers and know what to do when you find yourself in different environments. 

Simon won the Metabolic Precision Professional Transformation of the Year.

"Cribby (Dr Paul Cribb) was right, success really is a journey not a destination. Learning is great but applying and making lots of mistakes is even more important. When you have a great coach and systems to follow you learn quickly."

Moving away from a comfortable living as a Carpenter taking the plunge, opening my own Transformation Studio in Vancouver, Canada, was the scariest thing I've ever done. But its the best thing I've ever done. It's been incredibly hard work but when you follow great systems, make mistakes and have a great support network to guide you, the problems never become too great.

The challenges and feeling of being overwhelmed always pop up every now and then. But its great to know you have an amazing support network like the Metabolic Precision community, it removes the pressure and feeling of isolation a lot of business owners have. What I do now, is the most exciting and rewarding feeling ever.  

For Simon it all started with the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems. Simon is a Certified MP Coach contact him here.