Your warm up can make all the difference between an amazing workout and an average workout. In the weight room, the correct warm up can make you stronger by 5-20%, instantly! 

With regard to warming up for a weight lifting workout most people fail from the very start.

I would say that 99% of the people that lift weights, warm-up wrong.

In doing so, people short-circuit their ability to maximize results.

Understand this, the MP Warm up is a simple protocol that can increase strength up to 20%, instantly! 

Don't take my word for it either.

"I have just tested the MP Warm up technique with my clients in the first week after your course. All I can say is FREAKY!!! Most gained 10kgs on their best lifts in just one workout. One client increased their bench press by 17.5kgs in just one workout! I have never witnessed such radical strength gains in all my 17 years as a trainer."

Ingrid Barclay, Author, International Physique Judge & Personal trainer

The MP Warm up is a simple protocol you can use achieve instant personal bests, smash plateaus and reignite enthusiasm and progress.

It should be the mainstay of every resistance training workout

To make the MP Warm up even easier, Level 2 Certified MP Transformation Specialist Callum Perera created
The MP Warm-up Calculator.

Callum kindly emailed me The MP Warm Up Calculator and said, "This tool maximises efficiency when I have back-to-back clients. I thought it will help others. Just punch in the info' from the previous workout and VOILÀ. You've got their next warm-up ready to go."

Callum is an awsome trainer based at Cranbourne Genesis Fitness Club in Victoria.

On behalf of all MP members, thanks Callum!

The MP Warm Up Calculator is a part of the MP Level 2 Transformation Specialist Resources.

Gotta say I love it when MP Trainers "pay it forward".

Members of can view the MP Warm-up video here.