Eating on the go MP style may not be as challenging as you think. We have touched on how to survive the actual traveling- how to make it through the airport and arrive at your destination without missing meals or falling victim to the airport fast food trap.

So what do you do when you are out to eat, or heaven forbid if you are on the road and run out of your home-cooked MP meals?

Before you throw yourself face down on your bed like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum let’s take a deep breath.

Taking a look around you may find your room service menu. I know, you’re thinking there is NEVER anything I can order on there. At first glance you may be right. But recall that you are the customer. Restaurants are there to serve you what you would like. And last time I checked, as long as you are willing to pay them, they will gladly help you any way that they can.

Think back to chapter 3 in your MP manual. What are the components of a metabolically precise meal?

Ok, now let’s see if we can find them anywhere on the menu.

At first this may seem like a bit of a word search, but trust me, it gets easier the more you do it.

First things first, let’s find some protein. Chances are there will be more than a few choices. You may need to read between all of the other fancy adjectives to find them, but they are there.

I’m going to go with the salmon. (If not explicitly stated, I assume that it is farm raised and not wild so I will throw a few fish oil caps down the hatch as well!)

Next, look for the appropriate plant material to incorporate.

I haven’t trained today, so I’m going to go with asparagus and brussel sprouts (love my veggies!).

Done! Now wasn’t that easy??

Oh, you’re right I haven’t actually ordered it yet. This is where asking nicely goes a long way.

Instead of asking for Salmon without the bacon grit cake or listing out all of the other things it comes with. I find it to be clearer to simply ask for plain grilled salmon and a side of steamed brussel sprouts and steamed asparagus.

The server will most likely ask if you are sure you don’t want it with____________ (insert whatever it is drown in). A simple ‘no thank you, just plain is perfect’ will usually do the trick.

I may follow that up with “What is it cooked with? Butter? Olive Oil?” just to be sure I don’t get any surprises when it arrives at the table.

Here is another tip: restaurants often have things that are NOT listed on their menu. This is especially true in hotels where there may be different menu selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t hesitate to ask for something that may only be listed on another menu.

Recently, I was in need of some quinoa for a pre race meal, however none was available on the breakfast menu. Thankfully I had noticed a dinner meal that was served with quinoa as a side. Perfect! I was able to order a plain bowl of quinoa without a problem.

As long as we are aware of the components that make up a Metabolically Precise meal we should be able build a meal virtually anywhere. So why don’t we?

This is an interesting question. I often hear people say “I will be out of town” or “I will be at a business dinner” or “I will be on vacation”. My response: “Uhh, okay.”

We have talked about ways to travel with appropriate meals and now how to create one no matter where you are. So why should it matter where you are or whom you are with? You should feel free to eat what you would eat if you were in the comfort of your own home, right?

So why don’t we?

For some reason people seem to feel empowered to choose what they eat only when they are in their own home. Somehow when they visit someone else or happen to be at a business dinner or even on vacation they feel they must eat whatever someone offers. At the very least they feel unable to request food that they normally would eat, somehow this would be seen as ‘high maintenance’.

Where does this come from? I’m not 100% certain but I would guess that it comes from lack of confidence. Lack of confidence in a new way of life or more likely a new way of eating.
Be confident and steadfast in your wants, desires, and needs.

Here is the thing: no one else is responsible for what you eat except for you.

Restaurants and eateries are in the service business. Order what you know you need to properly fuel your body.

The first time you do and realize that you get the food you actually would like and nothing bad has happened---you didn’t lose any friends, you weren’t fired from your job, no one laughed at you ---then you will not hesitate to order what you need and want no matter where you go.

So what are you waiting for?

You know the MP rules…

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Alongside 14 years experience in personal training and a stack of certifications, Michelle Adams has a Bachelor’s and Masters degree from the University of South Carolina. Michelle is an accomplished athlete, having won the 2006 IFBB Toronto Figure Championships and has now moved into marathon and ultra marathon running. Michelle is a MP Level 1 Certified Metabolic Nutritionist and enjoys nothing more than helping people learn the truth about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Read more from Michelle here.