I was very unfit and unhappy with myself in many ways!

I knew I had to do something!

Just prior to March 2016 I’d sold my share of a dance studio as well as our house. My husband Steve and I were living with his parents; with dancing out of my life.
I’d recently met my MP Specialist Matt through our business network and decided that once Steve and I were settled into our new home, I’d join his gym and see what I could do. 

When the time came, Steve and I joined together knowing it would be more achievable if we did it together…but my journey wasn’t without a few challenges!

Jodie faced challenges but persevered

We were married in 2015 and it was during this time I developed a form of anxiety. I was attending a bootcamp at the time and the experience there plus the stress of our wedding took its toll and I brought this anxiety into Total Transformations with me. I’d always been a stress head but it had become a real problem.

Adding to that I’d collected a number of old injuries along the way; 4 dislocated knees and a shoulder condition that meant some of my movements both in FIRE and ICE had to be modified to suit.

My eating habits were also a huge challenge. Not only was I an under-eater, I was a very fussy eater…I didn’t really like anything! I was also doing well to drink a glass of water…each week! I’d get so focused on my work (I’m a Bookkeeper) that I’d simply forget about eating and drinking and would often eat once, maybe twice a day and they weren’t the best choices!

Over time working with both Matt and Courtney I’ve learned that with focus and a great support network around you, you can achieve anything you want! 

Her husband Steve also joined the MP Transformation Challenge

I gradually increased my food intake through the course of my transformation and not only was I gaining more energy each day…my body was changing!

As I kept changing my confidence was growing and best of all my anxiety struggles were becoming less and less frequent! It’s a rare thing to have an anxiety attack now. The injuries I started with? I wouldn’t even know I ever had them now. Getting stronger has helped in so many areas!

This whole journey has been so rewarding – what I love the most is how I’ve inspired my parents on the Gold Coast to join a gym and start their own journey! It’s so good.

Injuries did not deter Jodie from completing her MP Transformation Challenge

Top tips for transformation from Jodie…and Steve!

1. Surround yourself with a great support group. Doing it together and having the support of our family made such a huge difference!

2. Don’t give up! So many times I wanted to but the reason why I was doing it kept me on track.

3. Chuck away the scales! Even now regularly my mind tells me “I’ve put on weight” yet the photos and clothes don’t lie! The only thing the scales tell you is a number, not how happy you should be with your body.

4. Keep some items of clothing aside to pull out now and then to see how they fit. It’s amazing how much better you feel when the clothes are fitting differently even after you’ve convinced yourself that nothing is changing!

5. Food is your friend!

Jodie and Steve with their MP Specialists Matt and Courtney

Matt Wolfs and Courtney Ley are Level 5 MP Specialists at Total Transformations.