When I arrived in the USA, at the Miami Airport, I was told to go into Border security, they were not going to let me into the country..

And they were going to send me back to Australia via a night in jail.

That's when I knew I was on the right path.

I felt a strange sense of calmness and knew instantly that everything would be ok.

Let me explain...

Building a business is very much like a transformation. 

At the beginning you get all this great information but you don’t take it seriously enough because I don’t think we truly understand the power it has.

Mel's own transformation set a great example to her clients

When I started out with Metabolic Precision I was in a commercial gym "competing for clients" with 40 other Personal Trainers. There was a lot of noise and egos, but I just kept working through each MP Coaching Level, my confidence grew and my business just got better and better.

I remember one morning in the gym, after about 3 years (which goes so fast when you're trying to establish a business), I walked past the Personal Trainer board on the wall, I looked and didn't recognise any of the trainers. The ones I started with had all gone!

On the other hand my business was booming, the management loved me because, they wanted to give me an office, rent free, I was the dominant trainer, which was unheard of for a young female. I realised the MP business model can work fantastically anywhere.

But I was still hungry for more. 

So I left my nice office in a great commercial gym full of my incredible clients and set off travelling!

At the time, running was passion of mine. Before that I'd always loved playing basketball so I was always fit. But the running soon became an addiction clocking up over 100km a week. I ran marathons, half marathons, 10km races, you name it but by the time I was in my early 20's the injuries started to happen and my body started to breakdown.

Even worse, my period stopped and the body fat started to increase. I soon learned that I had PCOS with large amounts of cysts on both my ovaries.

One key area I was learning about with Metabolic Precision was the benefits of F.I.R.E, (Focused, Intense Resistance Exercise) - lifting weights with progressive overload in great form and matching nutrition to exercise.

So I started to run less, lift more and eat more. Why? Because what I was doing before clearly wasn’t working for me.

My body shape improved, my period returned and I felt so much better. That was just one of the many powerful lessons Metabolic Precision taught me - how to train for the rest of my life to actually improve my body, not destroy it.

When I made the decision to go traveling, I had been doing some sprint training. To my joy, a sprint coach from Miami, Florida accepted me into his Olympic Development squad. I also had a friend there who helped me with accommodation, I was all set.

Mel, Ronnie and their amazing IMANI Tribe at the MP Awards Night

I spent a month volunteering in Peru before I made my way to Miami, and saw some of the most incredible parts of the world.

So what happened at the Airport in Miami?

Why was I being detained by Boarder Security and threatened to be sent home?

I had listed my occupation as "Personal Trainer" and quite simply Customs did not believe a Personal Trainer could live for that many months without attempting to earn income in their country, which of course was illegal.

So what was I doing for income? I simply had all my wonderful clients back in Australia on the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS so I continued to Coach them while I was living and training on the other side of the world!

Border security let me in once they saw my web site, and I spent months meeting and working with some of the most incredible people, and many future Olympians. I also owe my time in the USA to so many people who I had met through the Metabolic Precision community, without them my trip would have been much more challenging.

Upon returning home, I sold my furniture and set up a gym in my lounge room.

I lived for the next two years without a couch, a T.V or a dinner table.

This is where I learnt another great lesson...

It’s not material things that make us happy, it’s when we struggle, focus and work towards our dreams. That’s what fills us with joy.

During this time I met my now husband Ronnie. Now Ronnie loved weight training, but can you imagine when he walked into the home of the girl he was seeing to find a gym in her lounge room!!! Cool hey!!

Within 6 months together we had the keys to our new Transformation studio, the Imani Tribe was born in the heart of Main Street Croydon.

We continued to live another 18 months without a couch and dinner table and in return set up an incredible business transforming people. 

To this day we still don’t watch T.V. Ronnie and I work together, we support each other and we are achieving our dreams together thanks to the Metabolic Precision and the amazing support from Cribby and the whole MP Community.

I’ve traveled the world and helped so many people with the Metabolic Precision Coaching Systems. I can’t wait to see where we can go next.

    Mel & Ronnie have built their business on the MP Systems

My Tips on running a great business

1. When things go wrong, it’s not an excuse to give up, it’s actually the reason to keep going or to get started. Success often means holding your nerve through hard times.

2. Make the decision first and then find out how to make it happen. Too many people sit back living in fear trying to workout how to make it happen first. Learn and embrace the blackmail diet.

3. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. It’s ok if it pisses you off, but learn how to get out of your own way fast.

4. Focus on less to achieve more. Declutter your life. Give up material things that you know you can cope without. Or even if you don’t know, do it anyway and learn to cope because if these things really made you happy, you wouldn’t still be looking.

5. Don’t be afraid to start over, it’s a chance to build something better this time.

6. The people you surround yourself with is invaluable. They can make you or break you. Select your external environment carefully.

7. Playing it safe won’t get you ahead or won’t get you results, you have to throw yourself in the deep end, take a risk, a leap of faith, just don’t stay comfortable.

8. If you doubt yourself, lack confidence or are shy, this doesn’t define you. Step into the unknown where you either have to sink or swim, you will swim and you will change your life.

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