Our MP Member of the Week is Kirsty Jackson!  

Not only is Kirsty a busy mum of three who works part time as an Events/Accounts Manager but she is also studying a Masters in Commerce and yet still makes time for exercise and a ensuring she follows a healthy lifestyle!

Kirsty is making fantastic progress.

Kirsty's favourite MP meals are egg white omelette and savoury mince and her favourite hobbies weight training, socialising, travel and reading. 

Her MP Coach Dave Oulton summaries the process: 

  • An MP Coach won't tell you what you can and can't do. 
  • We won't tell you to do extra training just because the results aren't happening quick enough.
  • We won't tell you to train longer because you’re still practicing the fine art of intensity. 
  • We won't push any expensive products, shakes and pills on you just to "try" something else. 
  • We won't cut out nutritious food groups from you because you’re still tying to improve your weekend habits. 
  • What we will do is keep pointing you back to the common sense and work required to move you forward, that is applicable in your life right now. 
  • We can't guarantee it will be a bed of roses, we can't promise it will always be exciting. 
  • What we will say though is, when you're finally ready to do it, the results can be quite outstanding

Awesome work Kirsty!  What an inspiration.

It all starts with the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems