'you can't get no satisfaction‘.

What do Mick Jagger and almonds have in common? .......Almonds and other nuts are often a staple snack of many people's health-conscious plan, but just how satisfying are they really?

Indeed, research shows the 'mouth-feel' of eating nuts - the process of chewing and crunching is an important pleasure signal to the brain. A small handful of almonds might be a convenient, nutritious snack that's probably better than a candy bar. However, nuts in general are a calorie dense food that rate poorly on the satiety scale.

What is the satiety scale?

It's a food's "hunger-busting ability" - the feeling of satisfaction. Foods that are low on the satiety scale don't satisfy hunger and therefore, you’ll most likely eat more later on. Sometimes an uninformed choice made consistently can sabotage all your hard work.

Let's take a look at the two tables below.

Table 1.  5 Popular Nut 'Snack' choices
     *Based on a standard 30 gram portion/serving

One small handful almonds contains well over 14 grams of fat. Also, 10 Brazil nuts and 10 walnuts both contain nearly 20g of fat per serve! Think about how easy it is to consume this amount throughout the day!

Consider this, if your snack-choice is a handful of nuts every day you're at work (5 days a week) that can easily add up to over 80+ grams of fat per week!

Over a working year, that's a whopping 3.7 - 4kgs of fat you're snacking on!!

Plus, most health-concious people don't realize, most nuts do not contain the healthy ratio of the essential fats our bodies need to optimize health and fat loss!

Let’s take a look at the table below. These are meals and recipes from the MP Cookbible, each provides a similar amount of calories. However, the type of calories are very different to the table above.

Table 2. - 5 MP Approved choices

As you can see, the MP choices in the table above are much lower in fat higher in protein and contain fibre – two key components that rate highly on the satiety scale. The choices are far more appealing, fulfilling and will keep you on track with your fat-loss goals! This means that any one of the 5 MP approved choices won't derail your track to success.

Personally, even through all of my years of figure competition which resulted in two World Titles, I could never see the sense in having a small handful of nuts for a snack. Why have 10-12 nuts when you can have any of these more appetizing, fulfilling, tastier MP choices!

MP Chicken Rissoles (patties)
MP Cookbible On-line

Wondering what to snack on? If your goal is to lose fat and build the body of your dreams, before you reach for those almonds, think about what else you could have that would be more satisfying and fast-track your success.

Should nuts be a part of your plan?

Of course! A small amount of almonds or nuts pack a high-calorie, non-satisfying punch. However, instead of a stand alone snack, there is a much smarter way to make them a part of your nutritional plan. By adding a small handful of nuts in a large MP salad, or vegetable dish you will enjoy more plant food and avoid the metabolic slow-down. It's a much more effective strategy in your nutrition plan.

Knowing how to make food work for you is very powerful. In fact, its life-changing and it’s a hallmark of the MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition Certification.

Another is providing the skills, tools and strategies for FDN - Fast, Delicious, Nutrition; the clear solutions to the obstacles in life we all face.

I suppose that’s why MP seems to get the results where so many programs let people down. We remove the guesswork and confusion on how to eat to maximize results from every workout. So you really can have your nuts and your abs too...honest!

Learn more about our amazing MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition On-line Certification here.


Despite being out of the competition arena for more that 10 years, 2-time INBA Ms Olympia & World Figure Champ  Shar Sault stays in incredible shape. Shar is the author of the MP Cookbible - Over 150 FDN recipes!  Read more about Shar here.

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