You could say I was pretty much born to work in the fitness industry but I might not have ever fulfilled my destiny.

Mum was always going to the gym so from a very young age I was either in the crèche, sitting on the side of a Pump Class or watching her do her workout.

Then at the age of 17 I started working in gyms my self.

"When I started to change, our attendance rates and sales more then doubled," says Pete.

Very quickly I found myself swept up in the world of bodybuilding and competed in my first show at the 2009 Adelaide Classic just prior to turning 18.

Over the next 3 years I yo-yoed between a very traditional strict body building diet with an insane exercise routine for half the year followed by a very loose typical teenage other half of the year.

I realized, within a three year period I had lost and gained 60kg of body weight in separate 20kg bouts.

Miserable, right?

I remember periods where I would start my comp prep and I would use my ‘cheat meals’ to go out and get drunk on Hindley Street before ‘munging’ down on a huge pizza from the Australian Pizza House then going back to the grind the next day.

I would use exercise as a trade-off sometimes clocking up 3 hour long walks after my weekly binge just to ‘make up for it’.

I really had no idea how to go about ‘getting lean’. I was just following along with what everyone else was doing.

Pete & Megan - When you practice what you preach, you become a genuine Inspiration.
Looking back I can see that was where I went wrong.

Snap point #1 When you find a better way, follow it.

By chance I came across Metabolic Precision through Warren Clampit’s Facebook page. I saw there was a course coming up so I booked my spot.

My intention was to go down for purely self-motivated interests but after meeting Dr Paul Cribb and his beautiful wife Shar - who you actually work with in the Metabolic Precision Coaching Systems, I was hooked by how genuine they are, and how much passion they have to improve the industry.

I devoured MP, and  started my own personal training business.

That snapping point was life altering, and in the next three years I would go on to have some pretty good success.

My business, which was started in a local park, had grown so much that I moved it into a commercial facility.

The growth was so great over the next two years that I moved into my own studio and went into partnership with my fiancée!

Funny how things work out.

There I was on the fringe of the fitness industry convinced I couldn’t make it work but after spending that weekend with Paul and Shar I was convinced otherwise.

Things looked like they were going great.

That was until the end of 2014.

Off the back of a huge first challenge in our new studio we had a drop-out rate of about 80%. We could see all of our hard work going down the drain very quickly and it wasn’t what we needed going into winter.

To top things off, I was due to be interviewed by Cribby at the MP Corporate Weekend about my success.

How would I sit there and talk about my success when it was so short lived - or, so it seemed.

I decided to go up to that weekend and be as transparent as possible; I talked about my mistakes and tried to be as real as possible. Quite frankly, the position we were in sucked and I wasn’t going to fluff around it.

Snap point #2 My Successful business was failing

I was surrounded by people just like me talking about their own levels of success and I had noticed one thing missing from my story.

I hadn’t actually completed my own remarkable transformation with MP.

I was following the 'MP Principals' but as I am sure you already know - following the principals is one thing, completing a transformation using the MP principals is another.

So at that weekend I wrote down on a notepad.... "Transform Yourself”

Sure enough, within days of leaving that weekend if I hadn’t already snapped what happened next would make sure I had snapped.

I received a message from Cribby, it went into some detail but the one truth that struck a nerve was this - “You’re fat and it’s not a good look, at this rate your clients will be leaner that you”.

That's some tough love from your Mentor. Well there were two ways i could react

1. Justify myself, tell Cribby to piss off and give him a bunch of bullshit excuses

2. Or, I could suck it up, understand he was being genuine and follow his advice.

I did the latter. Challenge accepted.

Then came snap point #3 Want to be Super Dad, not Fat Dad

You’re probably thinking ‘enough with the snap points already’, but stick with me because this next snapping point is the ONE. It’s the one that has changed the way I look at the world.

My fiancée, Megan, found out she was pregnant.. I was becoming a father.

My whole life flashed before my eyes and I thought to myself, ‘This little person coming into the world, what kind of father do I want her to see me as?’

From that point there was no stopping me.

I have a young family, I need to provide for them but set the best example on how to do it

I wanted my daughter to see me as her ‘Superdad’.

That’s it. Period.

I wanted to be a ripped dad, not a fat dad.

I wanted to be a successful fitness entrepreneur, not a complaining trainer who had their head up their ass who couldn’t see where they were going wrong.

Were there obstacles along the way?

Sure there were. There were obstacles in my personal life as well as my business life.

But now that I had my reason for change there was no stopping me.

I knew I needed to accept the things I could not change and identify the things I could.

The things I could change I attacked head on.

The things that were out of my control- personal stuff, friendships etc – I let them go and they took care of themselves.

The way I see it; sometimes people leave your life to allow better things to come along.

And that is exactly what happened.

Now our business is thriving.

We relocated, refocused and make some tough decisions.

As a result we attracted more qualified clients who fit better within the culture of our community. These clients are more motivated and genuinely want to work hard to achieve a body transformation.

Our attendance rates throughout winter this year increased by more than 400% and our FIRE program through winter doubled in size compared to last year.

What started out as my physique transformation really turned out to be a LIFE transformation!

It didn’t happen overnight and yes, there were many snap points along the way, but I would do it again in a heartbeat as I now feel that I have fulfilled my destiny!

My tips for transforming your life and your business:

1. Realize there is never just ONE snap point. There will be many things along the way that spur you to be your best, to have your best business and your best life. Be open to all of them. They show up in your life for a reason.

2. See your problems as opportunities  to make you and those around you, better. Throw everything you have, every little bit of energy and effort towards overcoming what-ever makes you uncomfortable, what-ever makes you ‘um’ and ‘ahh’ about committing.

Not a morning person?  Go to bed earlier.
Don’t like cardio? Who cares, you need it!
You don’t like squats? Focus on the results they provide!
Don’t like omelettes? Don't worry, there are 1001 other meals to have for breakfast!

3. Realize that these principles apply to any business- not just the fitness industry. Also realize that becoming the best version of you that you can be will help transform your business no matter what line of work you are in. Feeling that you are at your best spills over into every aspect of your life. There is no better way to improve your business than to improve yourself/feel fantastic about yourself.



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