Are You Getting Enough?


I was never good at school. I didn't like classrooms!

That's why my Nutrition Coaching classrooms are just 3 minutes long! 

Before concerning yourself or your clients with detoxing, counting macros, calories or achieving ketosis you might want to consider this...

More than 95 per cent of Australians are not getting enough vegetables.

Our kids are even worse, fewer than half a per cent are eating the recommended minimum for vegetables.

That's according to our own National Nutrition & Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS), and based on Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Although we're not smoking and drinking as much as we used to, we are fatter and unhealthier than ever before in our recorded history - the incidence of type-2 diabetes and obesity has never been higher. 

So what is enough?

In my classroom video above, I'm holding a plate that is the equivalent of one serving of vegetables for adults.

Now depending upon physical and energy demands the minimum recommendation for adults is 4-5 of these cups, per day.

Now this can be in the form of any unrefined or unprocessed plant foods, such as all vegetables, legumes and fruits – but there must be a variety such as what’s in season.

4-5 cups per day. Sounds pretty reasonable for a health-conscious person doesn’t it?

What percentage of adults in Australia fail to meet this basic recommendation?

30 percent? ....

50 percent? ....

Not even close.

More than 96 percent of Australians in the survey failed to meet this requirement

So what does that mean if you are a Nutrition Coach?

First of all, it means 96% of your clients that came to you for help, are not able to meet one of the essential bare minimum requirements for health.

Now the research is quiet clear; obesity, type-2 diabetes, various cancers, and unwanted weight gain all dramatically increase in risk when vegetables are absent from an eating plan.

Until this fundamental core foundation of health is addressed no amount of supplements, intermittent fasting, ketosis or anything else is going compensate.

The next obstacle is, although many people know a lot about nutrition - including coaches, they don’t often know how to apply what they know.

That means people often understand they should eat more vegetables but don't necessarily have the skills, tools and confidence to do it easily, deliciously, quickly.

How to turn 3 cups of vegetables from this into this...

How to empower people to do this...

If you're in the Fitness Industry I know you love to help people, so do I.

As one of the first Personal Trainers in Australia, I set up multiple studios, completed three Bachelors degrees, become an award winning scientist, which included a self-designed, self-funded PhD in Transformation.

But I also know how frustrating, confusing and conflicting this industry gets when it comes to getting safe, sustainable results for clients.

So now I teach my science-based, research-proven nutrition coaching systems to thousands of fitness professionals all over the world, many who are now experts and industry leaders themselves.

• Nutrition systems that remove the guess work & confusion
• Create structure, accountability & sustained motivation
• Show you how to refine & contour to suit every client’s needs
• Save you time & make you the expert.

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