Boost Energy in 4 Steps


People ask us all the time, “Will this give me energy?” as they point to a pill, powder, or some other supplement.

Let's look at my Top Research-Proven Afternoon Energy Boosters that will provide your body with the fuel you need to power through the day.

Energy Booster #1. More Protein at Breakfast!

That sleepiness and lethargy can be a result of rollercoaster blood glucose levels that occur from not eating the right foods at the correct times of the day. For example, the protein quantity and quality of your meals is shown in recent studies to be a key contributor for weight control, appetite, energy balance and performance. Increasing the protein content of your breakfast and mid-morning fueling opportunities will go a long way to better performance later in the day.

Energy Booster #2. Give me the Flax!

Flax meal (crushed flax seeds) is a health food shown to have a very positive affect on achieving steady blood glucose levels that ensure less hunger pangs and energy slumps. The addition of crushed linseeds to your shakes, salads, soups and stews can promote healthier blood glucose and insulin responses that improve energy levels and fat metabolism.

Energy Booster #3. Coffee - Yay!

Coffee after meals promotes lower blood glucose levels that help avoid energy slumps. In fact coffee is so effective, it's used as an adjunct therapy to help control type 2 diabetes. Most people love a good hit of caffeine in the afternoon, and why not. It's a tasty, safe, healthy, calorie-free way to improve concentration, mood and perception of effort. Did I say healthy? You bet. The perils of coffee you hear about are not found in the research. In fact coffee has so many research-based health benefits. Enjoy an afternoon coffee but this strategy should never replace nutritious food. 

Energy Booster #4 Sleep! No not at your desk!

We all need quality sleep each and every night. In fact, in our super hectic world, research clearly shows not getting enough sleep is a key contributor to unwanted weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. Boost your afternoon energy levels and health by getting to bed 30 minutes earlier the night before. Do it each day and notice the difference in less than a week. 

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