How to keep that New Year's resolution


Happy New Year! 

This year I'll show you how to actually keep that New Year's transformation resolution.

If we added up the athletes, the clients and the thousands of Personal Trainers I’ve certified, the total number of people we’ve helped transform themselves, would be in the millions.

And do you know what – they all made the same big mistake!

I bet you’ve made this mistake too.

The problem is, unless you know what this mistake is and learn to avoid it, you’re doomed to make it again, and again, and again.

When you're thinking about your New Year's resolutions this year, I'd like you to think about the golden triangle.

The golden triangle shows the three key aspects your program must achieve for success.

At the top is body composition – how much fat and fat-free mass you have. This also determines your physical shape or how you look.

Equally as important is how you function every day and how you feel – your health.

It’s no point trying to shed fat if you’re falling asleep at work in the afternoon or your strength & stamina are plummeting.

Optimizing health takes a spectrum of nutrients from a variety of sources. It’s no good trying to get in shape restricting your nutrition to a handful of food choices - your health and energy levels constantly suffer.

The biggest mistake people make is they chase the top and give little to no consideration to the other two equal sides of the Golden Triangle.

It can be very tempting to simply fixate on an endpoint; an amount of weight to lose, a dress size or to look good for a special day.

The problem is, when you chase the top of the Golden Triangle without addressing the other sides, any gains made are short-lived.

I bet you’ve grabbed a diet and launched into an exercise program.

If you were stubborn (and silly) enough, you starved and/or exercised yourself to exhaustion for weeks on end to get the result – just to see that number on the scales, or look great in that bikini, but then what?

You didn’t know how to keep that body?

So you try do it again, cut more calories and add even more exercise, and the whole program becomes unsustainable.

Today’s lesson, great results come only when your program addresses all 3 sides of the Golden Triangle.

Most programs today address only one part of the Golden Triangle, and that’s one big reason why most never offer a real solution.

Can you really improve how you look, function and feel – all at once?

Not only can you do this but I believe your program must address all sides of the Triangle simultaneously, or any benefits will be short-lived. 

When you chose to address all sides of the Golden Triangle you are now constructing the correct metabolism for permanent results - what I call Metabolic Precision.

What is your metabolism?

More importantly, how does it relate to achieving the body you want?

Firstly, ‘metabolism’ is a very general term used to describe the billions of complex chemical reactions that result in the transfer of energy – from the food we eat to the processes that keep us alive and functioning every day. This may sound rather complex but the simple fact is, we are nothing but a hairy bag of chemical soup!

Collectively, this soup of reactions (metabolism), ultimately determine three key aspects;
  • How you look (body composition and shape),
  • Function (energy production) and
  • Feel (health).
Remember those?

We are by-products of our metabolism. Therefore, success depends on constructing the correct metabolism that yields improvements in health, energy and body shape. 

So when you're thinking about your New Year's resolution this year, remember the Golden Triangle! If your goals and plan achieve the triangle, you know it will be effective, safe and sustainable. 

Do you have a "fast" or "slow" metabolism? What does that mean for your personal fat loss efforts? I'll answer that next week.

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