Chocolate Cake for Breakfast


If I do your Cert can I write meal plans?

Me: Why would you want to do that?

Personal Trainer: Because that’s what my clients want?

Me: My 4, 8 and 13yr old nephews want chocolate cake for breakfast... but that doesn’t mean its going to help them in the long run does it?

It's a question I get a lot but the fact is giving clients a meal plan won’t help you create a great name as a coach that gets results.

Even with my three degrees and PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, I could write you out the most nutritious, state-of-the-art meal plan in the world.

Get the proteins, carbs and fats to the gram, type it out all nice on a google spread sheet and hand it to you on a platter...

How long would you follow it?.....a day or two? Maybe three?

Then consider, how you might refine it - contour it, individualize it - cater to personal preferences, embrace religious, socio-economical and cultural diversities?

Then consider how do you "teach" all this information...

Remember that everyone learns differently, at a different pace, different rates to different modes - reading, comprehension, visual, verbal, acoustic etc. 

After teaching Nutrition for over 25 years, I found that when people really want to change, they really want a complete experience in performance living.

They want an exciting, engaging process that empowers them with the knowledge but also the practical skills and tools to give them the health and body they really want, and keep it.

Nutrition is never really about food.

It’s really about beliefs, perceptions and habits we all have have surrounding food!

Helping people has nothing to do with how much you know.

It’s more about what those people are prepared to tell you.

And whether or not you have the systems that turn all their good intentions into a high-performance lifestyle.

Just like building a house, a process must be followed that gets the end level of refinement you want to make it your home. Creating a tailored eating solution from nutrition is no different.

The Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems remove the guesswork and confusion. You coach a science-based, research-proven process and develop a tailored eating solution that suits every client.

Which also quickly develops your name for delivering a life-changing service that gets results.

Not a set way of eating that people abandon in a few weeks.

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I know how frustrating and confusing this industry gets when it comes to finding safe, sustainable results for people. If you really do want to help people, this is a fantastic opportunity.

PS. Just let me know how do I break that promise to the nephews about chocolate cake for breakfast?!

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