How do you eat for fat loss


How do you eat for fat loss?

To get lean, most people reside themselves to rabbit food diets or even worse, the "comp-prep" staple of rubber chicken breasts and boiled rice.

Others equate healthy cooking with hours of preparation, a lot of mess and hassle for just one meal.

In a misguided effort to speed the fat-loss process, some people start cutting potential sources of nutrition from their diet - carbs, calories etc. There’s all kinds of programs that tell you to “eliminate” ... grains”, “dairy”, “fruit”, “red foods”, “white foods”, or the best one..... “beige foods!” (must be for fashion enthusiasts that one).

The thing is, most people already have restricted food habits. Research shows most people make no more than 5 or 6 different nutrition choices a week. Most of us eat the same things every day.

Now imagine what happens when you start eliminating potential sources of nutrition -  an already restricted food base is slashed by another 25% or more!

This makes the task of better health, performance and a great body virtually impossible.

Even worse, people often ramp up the exercise while they’re cutting good nutrition sources from their diets. And they do it without having a clue how many meals they should be eating, what needs to be in them or how they’re going to get them, each and every day!

What do I eat?

I’ve studied the nutrition habits of the healthiest people on the planet, all over the world. Countries, places where the people are strong and lean with robust health well into their 70s, 80s and beyond - they look like we do in our 40 and 50’s.

Here’s a check list of what always seems to be in the meals of the healthiest people in the world!

  • Lean protein sources.
  • Unprocessed plant foods
  • Natural sources of oils.
  • Colour - lots of it! The more colour in your food, the greater the fat burning potential of the meal. Just before dinner tonight, look at your plate, how colourful is it?
  • Variety! Most meals have 4 or 5 sources of nutrition. This is easy to do, simply choose what’s in season - its also the freshest and least expensive.
  • They also don't count calories.

Let's talk a little about this last point.

How can you eat lots of food and get lean, I mean really lean, without counting a single calorie?

By simply being calorie aware.

Rather than tell you, I'll show you this very powerful concept.

This cheeseburger is a 300 calorie meal (well, 314 to be precise!)

The plate of steamed vegetables below is also just over 300 calories and I guarantee most people wouldn't be able to finish this plate!

Here's another 300 calorie meal below...

Tuna (125grams) and salad. Note the same Australian 50 cent coin used for scale.

This lean porterhouse and veg (above) also 300 calories.

The thing is, it gets more shocking the further up the scale you go. Here are two meals that both contain the same amount of calories.


  Cheese burger & large fries (above) = 700 calories!

Any internet expert can tell you "don't eat dairy", "don't eat grains", don't eat this or that....
a real expert knows that eliminating means replacing with lots of variety!

In the shot above, you could have 1 serving of Shar's Pumpkin Lentil Sanga plus 2 protein packed tuna cakes plus 2 of Shar's tacos - all of these combined add up to just over 700 calories! 

Hear a penny or two starting to drop? 

Calorie awareness isn't just about avoiding calorie-dense fast food, it all about making better choices. The truth is most people don't eat enough of the right foods at the right time to promote fat loss.

Any moron on the internet can tell you "don't eat dairy", "don't eat grains"... Just remember to get the body you want and keep it, if you eliminate one source of nutrition you need to replace it with others!

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