Dread getting back into exercise?


I feel so unhealthy and unfit I’m dreading getting back into exercise again. Do you have any tips that will motivate me?

Take the pressure off yourself.

This is a question we get asked a lot and its the best advice we could give.

Quite often we base our expectations on what other people are doing.

Or we want to jump straight back into our previous exercise pattens, workout intensities and fitness levels.

Sometimes we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves to ‘be as fit’ or ‘as lean’ or ‘as strong’ as we use to be.
This just creates unnecessary pressure, a lack of confidence and reluctance to keep going.

👉👉 If you’re getting back into exercise after a layoff, the best advice I could give to build motivation is forget about

✅ how much you use to lift,
✅ how far you could go or
✅ how many reps and sets you use to do

Fitness, strength, and work capacity all improve with time and consistency.

Consistency is what builds training momentum that creates progress and results.

When starting up with exercise again the most important component isn’t the number of sets, reps, the weight used, the speed or distance completed.

For success, the most important aspect is to enjoy movement and exercise again.

The health benefits of exercise only develop over time. And most of us won’t do something regularly unless we really enjoy it. So the key to fuelling your motivation is enjoyment.

Enjoy creating the time to exercise.

Choose the destinations and activities you enjoy, don’t worry if the workouts are a lot less intense or lower in work capacity.

Enjoy familiar exercises or start a whole new range of exercises in a new program.

Enjoy being back in your fav gym or join a new one for a fresh start.

A brand new, massive World Gym opened up right in our neighbourhood on the Sunshine Coast. After the year we’ve had, our Christmas present to each other was a 12 month membership each.

Shar also got a World Gym bag but that’s another story!! I’ve got to say the new environment has completely re-energised our training focus.

The bottom line is create the enjoyment which fuels sustained motivation. If you enjoy what you’re doing time will take care of the consistency.

Consistency is the foundation of progress.

Source: Validation and adaptation of the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale. Journal Sport Health Sci. July, 2020.

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