How much whey in your bar


How much whey is in my whey protein bar?

How do you know if the protein is really whey isolate, concentrate or other?

Health-conscious consumers often don’t know the quality of a protein used in a manufactured bar is completely different to that found in a protein powder supplement.

Whereas whey protein Isolates (90%+ protein) degrade rapidly in moisture, protein bars and baked goods contain milk-solid proteins and other heat stable (less than 50% protein) forms that are better suited due to their binding properties.

Obviously, the problem now is the dose of protein becomes less per serving. Increasing the amount changes the foods taste and texture dramatically.

In fact, protein bar manufacturers won’t tell you that it’s very difficult to get a protein bar above 20grams of protein without loading it full of fat and sugar. When you do drop the fat and sugar content and up the protein, the bar will set like concrete.

The biggest misconception is so many consumers actually believe what is on the label is in the bar. The fact is, there is absolutely no way to test how much of a particular protein type is in the bar – you definitely cannot distinguish between a whey isolate or 50%+ concentrate. It's simply a matter of putting complete faith into a company.

Whey Isolate is the most expensive grade and there is absolutely no way to be able to test how much is in a bar

Now consider why would a manufacturer use a top of the line whey isolate in a bar formulation if its more than twice the price of a regular grade whey if there is no real way of being able to tell the difference?

The nutrition bar is a multi-billion dollar a year business with little quality control and miniscule penalties for breaches. I always recommend, to purchase your protein bars for convenience and enjoyment, not for their premium nutritional ingredients. Probably best to get your regular dose of Whey Protein Isolate from a jar, not a bar.

For those interested, so many health-conscious people  that have completed the MP Level 1 On-line Certification often tell me the Chapter & System on how to determine what supplements are right for you, is worth the investment alone. 

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