I never assume


One very important thing all the amazing people that have been through our program have taught me is, to never assume.

It’s the most powerful lesson I’ve been fortunate enough to witness time and time again. I thought I’d share this wonderful example, by Tracee Arnup one of our amazing transformation winners.

What you may not know is, this result took at least 8 on-line 12 week programs. In fact her On-line Coach, Trish said for the first 4 programs Tracee did nothing – hardly handed anything in and showed very little progress.

So how did Tracee achieve this wonderful result?


They kept going.

More importantly, both never gave up on each other.

Tracee’s coach never made her feel uncomfortable for not completing tasks, always supported her and never made any assumptions about her situation.

Conversely, Tracee never blamed her coach, anyone else or anything else for not progressing the way she’d hoped.

Both never made assumptions..

“this is too much for her” “my coach is going to be disappointed in me”... “she’s not putting in the effort”...“I’m just too busy, I can’t do this...”

A transformation comes primarily from support and commitment which has to flow both ways equally.

Then all of a sudden things for Tracee clicked in program #5, and from there Tracee kept improving and became one of our most amazing transformation champions.

If you ever talk to Tracee, she is so happy and thrilled with what’s been achieved the time frame to achieve it made the experience all the more powerful.

Never make assumptions. Never make judgements. When you keep your arms and mind open you never know what can be achieved.

Hope this helps.

Have a great week. 😉💪

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