I'm going on Holidays - Help!


This week's Live Chat we talked about how to stay on track without being compliant

You’re working hard on your transformation, you are doing pretty well putting the weeks together..... then comes a scheduled holiday or a situation such as travel where you are not sure what environment you’re going to be in, let alone whether you can stick to your great plan and preparation.

It might be a well-earned, but ill-timed holiday ...

You might be heading to distant and exciting places...

It could be a time where you know it's going to be really tough to get the food/nutrition you want or get the meal prep done. Or heck, you might just want to take a break and experience the different place you’re in, the culture, the people, the food...

How do you stay faithful to those goals you’ve had your heart and mind set on?

Let’s be honest, those holidays should be cherished times with friends family that should involve great experiences and memories, not you stressing about getting that fifth meal in or the right proteins, or timing those post workout carbs..

Can you stay on track and not be compliant?

How do you live without fear of undoing all that great work you’ve done?

Shar and I love living a structured lifestyle training regularly and getting the nutrition we want every day... But we also love traveling and going to fun places.

In this weeks Live Chat in our MP Community, Shar and I give you some simple rules and strategies that will keep you on track even when you have no control of your environment., or simply choose not to be compliant for a period of time.

Often when we follow these, we come back from our break, in better shape!

Our MP Community is free to join, it's where we share great nutrition tips, training strategies and transformation experiences. 

As you view our chat, don't worry as the screen goes a little side ways for a few minutes, we regathered shortly!

Have a great week!

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