Never a good time


About this time each year, I lock myself away for 40 or so hours to read through every single one of the the hundreds of transformations we receive....

And I learn a lot.

Even now after all this time, I still get amazed, shocked and very inspired from what I read.

Intriguingly, there are recurring themes I see time and time again when reviewing these amazing stories.

I’m going to share these 'secrets of success' in my up coming blogs.

There is one most powerful recurring fact that keeps leaping out from pages of every entrant.

The start of an amazing transformation almost always occurs in the face of adversity.

Kirsty Jackson stuck at her transformation right through what she called 'the worst time of her life'

Nearly every person that has achieved a great result has said the key was taking control and accountability right when life and situations were very difficult.

They didn’t wait for things to ‘settle down a bit’ or things to ‘get better’.

Most decided to take action right when they were the busiest, the most stressed, or things, situations were at their worst.

Sure they may have stumbled after that, but the biggest decisions to take action often come from reasons.

No excuses - Chris Strong actually completed the Kokoda Trek in the middle of his transformation.

And powerful reasons often come from the small crises life throws at us.

So if you are reading this and contemplating taking the step to better health and improving your body just remember there is never a perfect time to start.

Don’t wait wait until things ‘settle down’ before you make a start.

After 20 years as a master carpenter, Simon Tetley changed careers and built a personal training empire - all while transforming himself.

Don’t hide behind the up-coming Christmas parties, the festive season, or the new job, or the big move.

Don’t put it off until ‘the kids go back to school’.

Don’t wait until things ‘get better’ before you begin.

There is never an ideal time to make a start.

Just start.

Implement one small but important step.

Take action in just one important way.

Even if that one ‘action’ is to make sure you don’t come away from every Christmas party completely plastered this year.

Make the decision, take action and build on it later.

That’s what hundreds and hundreds of amazing transformations have shown me.

The only ‘best time’ to start improving your health and habits is always, right now.

Talk next week.

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