New activity guidelines include strength


At last!

The Australian Government’s Department of Health has for the first time included in its recommendations for health a section on ‘muscle strengthening’.

Traditionally when it came to recommending exercise for health improvements ‘prescriptions’ centered around increasing the time spent performing aerobic activity.

While aerobic activity is an important aspect, the research linking strength training and improved health is so compelling that the Australian Government cannot continue to only recommend aerobic exercise.

The document that calls for all ages to sit less and move more now recommends that adults also include 2 days of muscle strengthening exercise each week.

While we are well aware of the obvious direct benefits of strength training such as improved muscular strength, improved balance, and improved ability to carry out activities of daily living the ‘hidden’ improvements may be more important for the majority of the population.

Well structured strength training is shown in research to be effective for improving blood pressure, blood sugar control and cholesterol levels as well as reverse type-2 diabetes!

Sit less, move more and lift weights. Nice work.

Dept of Heath: Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines

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