Protein recommendations


If a person weighs 100kg as an example but is looking to drop 20kg do they eat the protein based on an 80kg individuals guidelines?

Protein requirements for individuals that want to improve their health have always been a hotly debated topic. When deciding on your daily protein intake consider that the current measures and recommendations are not concerned with building lean tissue, shedding body fat or enhancing physical performance.

There is the possibility of protein metabolism differences between the sexes. Additionally we know that some populations (older vs younger adults) tend to absorb and assimilate various protein sources differently. We also know that the type of exercise performed, training history and the presence or absence of other macronutrients such as carbohydrate, can influence protein requirements. Therefore, it may prove difficult to provide definitive answers to this question over the next decade of research.

The research-based recommendations in the MP manual are just that, recommendations. With people new to this, the Transformation Specialist must prioritize focus in a systemized, progressive manner.

For example, first ensure a first class protein is in each meal. Once this is established, have your become protein aware using charts 5 and 6 - which generally yield 20-25 grams of first class proteins per meal.

Become confident you know what 25gms of 1st class protein “looks like” using the awareness tools and materials such as the nutrition scales, and slide show tutorials. Then work toward making sure this amount is consistently consumed in each metabolically precise meal then, and only then would I be concerned with being more exact with protein recommendations.

That is, striving to achieve a more precise gram per kg of body weight reading. And by this stage, the individual will have already lost a substantial amount of unwanted weight so you will be closer to a more accurate protein recommendation.

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