Protein recommendations


If a person weighs 100kg as an example but is looking to drop 20kg do they eat the protein based on an 80kg individuals guidelines?

If you want to eat to improve and impress, first thing I recommend looking at is frequency. While there is no magical number of meals you should consume. How often a person ‘feeds’ provides a lot of information on not only what they eat but also whether their environment and habits give them a chance for success.

What does 30 grams of protein look like? Two of Shar's tuna cakes from the Transformation Cookbook 

The biggest ‘secret’ to all this is, food proximity rules all. That means, whatever is close by and easy to get to, good or bad, you usually eat it.

I’m sure we all agree with that one.

Protein recommendations are influenced by type of exercise performed, the frequency, duration, training history, your age and sex – not whether you’re gettin’ it, I’m referring to gender!

One serving of Shar's No Bake Lasagne provides over 30 grams of protein from a variety of sources

Other considerations are the presence or absence of other macronutrients such as carbohydrate and fats, all have a big influence on protein requirements. So recommendations are just that.

If you are coaching specific recommendations, you need to prioritize focus in a systemized, progressive manner.

Use systems to construct the right environment at home and in the workplace, such as the Kitchen Makeover and the FDN (Fast Delicious Nutrition) check list, to help establish a consistent feeding pattern. So that better choices are consistently available and easy to get to.


Plant Protein Burgers - 8 grams of protein per burger

Next I’d aim to ensure a rich source of protein in every meal. If you have a copy of Shar’s Transformation Cookbook, you’re more than halfway there. In Chapter 5 of your MP manual you’ll find a series of inexpensive awareness tools we recommend, such as nutrition scales to give you clear visuals. When combined with the Protein Charts in Chapter 3, you’ll get a clear guide on what 20, 25 or 30 grams of quality protein from various foods actually looks like.

In my pic I used the nutrition scales to determine what 30grams of protein actually looks like from a WPI supplement, chicken meat and cooked lentils.

For the first couple of programs I recommend focusing just on making sure they know how much protein is in each meal. Only then would it make sense to attempt to achieve a more specific recommendation such a certain amount based on body weight.

The irony is, just focusing on the process I’ve out line here (and in detail in your MP manual), by the end of their 2nd program your client will have already lost a substantial amount of unwanted weight.
Not only will they be much closer to a more accurate protein recommendation, they will also know what their recommendation looks like and have a better environment and habits to achieve it.

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