Secrets of Highly Sucessful Personal Training


I've been teaching, accrediting and mentoring Personal Trainers for more than 25 years. I find most Personal Trainers fit into two categories..

90% are "grinders", 10% are "soarers".

Lets talk about the 90% - the "grinders"

A "grinder" has a great work ethic. They know how to work hard, and they do so every single week. They put their head down, train as many clients as they can and work, work, work.....You may know personal trainers like this - they are very busy delivering great workouts.

However, if you're a trainer that fits this category, ask your self these questions;

What happens to your clients if you want to take a holiday?

What would happen if, god-forbid, you had an emergency  - what happens to your clients?

I bet you’ve probably got 3 or more clients that all want to work with you at 6am – on the same day, how do you accommodate all of them?

"Grinders" seldom take time off and when they do they spend the next 2-3 weeks rebuilding their business - their client base and trying to regain that lost income.

Sometimes a "grinder" sees the light and realizes they are limited by the hours they can work and the number of clients they can see. So they decide to try expand their business - like having other trainers work for them....and we know exactly how that goes...

The truth is, the typical Personal Training 'business' isn't even a business, it's a service - often an incomplete one at that.

Characteristically PT's get up at 4 or 5am and often do a split shift for 'evening clients' and don’t finish work until 8 or 9pm in the evening. Now, that’s okay when you’re just starting your business – you have to do the hard yards initially to get any business up and running. However, if you still find yourself saying 'yes' to working these sort of hours after a few years you need to ask yourself one question...

Do I know how to work smart?

Working smart is a key part of becoming a "soarer".

A "Soarer" makes their own path, blazes their own trail and lives life on their own terms. However, Personal Trainers try to fit their lives around 10, 20 or more people and doing that is never sustainable.

A Soarer, has a structured, profitable business that creates time and wealth. A "soarer" knows when to work smart and when to work hard.

A lot of trainers provide a fitness training service but they don’t have a business that gives them time and an income that builds financial security.

In fact, most trainers “earn a living” but they never reach their full potential.

So, how do you make the move from being a Grinder to a Soarer?

How do you see things in your world?

Once a PT realizes they have pretty much maxed themselves out in terms of appointments and earning potential, they take one of two options...

They stay comfortable in 'the grind' and reside themselves to juggling appointments every day with all the hassles and cashflow problems that goes with it.

To make the move from being a Grinder to a Soarer takes Education and Experience - you cannot get around these. However, above all, it means improving your structure.

“Structure” is a term I use for how you see things - in your world.

Often, how we perceive our profession, how we see the work place around us is a big limiting factor. It keeps us locked into the status quo.

Our initial experiences tell us 'this is what Personal Training is'... training people on the hour, every hour...charging what we charge (because that's what others do), selling workout packages, meal plans and supplements (that extra $15 bucks from a jar of protein you just sold really solves a lot of your problems doesn't it?!)

Sure, we love what we do but taking all the confessions and unloading of problems, trying to be friend, babysitter and motivator doesn't do you or your clients any good in the long term.

If you find yourself to be in this situation with your client base, your longevity and earning potential will always be meager.

When you become a part of something much bigger, the growth you experience is amazing! The MP Annual Awards Night.

A lack of Structure keeps us struggling, chasing the dollar how we think it should be done. 

There is always a much better way to do things. 

Including Personal Training.

I'll share with you my personal example.

As a personal trainer myself, 30 years ago with a business partner, we built a thriving business with multiple studios and several trainers working for us. Then the business partnership broke-down and I walked away after 7 years of 65 hour work-weeks with absolutely nothing.

I moved to another state, learnt from my mistakes and rebuilt a highly successful PT business on my own, charging $350 a session, I did just 3 sessions a day, three days a week!.... Think 20 years ago, that was good money!.... Only to lose everything again a year or so later.

Years of poor lifting technique & trying to compete with the big guys left me with a debilitating back condition. I laid on the floor of a rented one-bedroom apartment for almost 2 years searching for a surgeon to operate on my ruptured discs.

This was a desperate, terrible time in my life. However, I still saw this as an opportunity. I used this time to improve my structure, I set about developing a business - one that enabled me to complete several degrees including a self-designed PhD and travel the world to work with the brightest minds in the fitness industries.

Now days, despite financial independence for many years (I answer to no-one and I have more fun on my 'workdays' than most people do on their holidays!) I still make a point of getting outside my comfort zone regularly to expand my structure.

I'm not sharing all this with you to boast or brag - far from it. The sad truth is I see so many trainers who strut around the gym floor who know everything but they still don't have a clue how to get off the swap-time for workouts merry-go-round.

Too many trainers think 'macros' are more important than learning how to build a business that helps themselves and their clients.

The PT industry hasn't evolved in 30 years - sure the toys and tech has but PT's still do not have legit business systems that allow them to move from the grinder into the soarer category.

That’s why I created The Metabolic Precision Certification Levels – a completely science-based, systemized approach that creates the individualized structure, accountability and a value-packed life-changing experience for your clients....

A real business and support network for Personal Trainers that creates time, success and wealth.

What do you sell?

Most trainers make a living selling workouts - sessions.

I did, up to 60 a week - I was booked solid. But it's not sustainable - is it?

The trouble with selling workouts - as great as they maybe, they are not a  'solution' to our clients problems. Not even three sessions a week!

A great business delivers a solution to a problem.

Selling workouts (and a few meal plans) is not a solution to the obstacles people face every day.

And that's why PTs always struggle with inconsistent cashflow, time, opportunity and longevity. 

Some trainers try to differentiate themselves with titles like 'holistic' or 'Life Coach'. 

These terms don't mean anything unless you have a process that turns all those good intentions into great habits. Habits always beat money and intentions. 

Here's another key.... you have to be able to deliver that solution, time and time again to a whole array of people.... Effortlessly, efficiently and individually.

To do that, takes great systems.

The Metabolic Precision Certification Levels are 25 years of researching, developing and constantly refining great systems.

What does a real solution look like?

Below is a template of what an MP Certified Professional can offer their clients- it beats the shit out of selling just workouts, meals plans and ripping off material from the internet.

With access to the state-of-the-art On-line Coaching CMS, they can personally deliver their product to any number of people at once, anywhere in the world.

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