Do you have a slow metabolism?


It’s no good getting “the abs” if your health and physical performance plummets.

It’s no good losing the 5, 10 or 15kgs if you “find it” again and then some.

If you want to change, you need to address the underlying aspect that governs success - construct the metabolism that yields dramatic, permanent change.

In my blog last week, we identified your Metabolism - a very general term used to describe the billions of complex chemical reactions that result in the transfer of energy.

This may sound rather complex but the simple fact is, we are nothing but a hairy bag of chemical soup!

Collectively, this soup of reactions (metabolism), ultimately determine three key aspects;

• How you look (body composition and shape),
• Function (energy production) and
• Feel (health).

 As complex as this may sound, there are just three main factors that make or break the right metabolism for permanent change.

Can you name the 3 all-important factors that have the most profound effect on creating the right metabolism for success?

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Chell Williams learned the three factors that create the metabolism for success.

“It's hard for me to lose weight, I have a slow metabolism.”

How many times have you heard folks talk about their "fast" or "slow" metabolism?

How many times have you heard people blame failure or success on a fast or slow metabolism?

What does a fast or slow metabolism mean for your fat loss efforts?

At least one very interesting study* investigated whether or not people could predict if their metabolism was actually  "fast" or "slow".

Through a series of questions, researchers carefully asked participants to predict their metabolism, as being fast or slow

Physical activity, food consumption, resting metabolic rate and thyroid hormones for all participants where measured.

The Researchers discovered the participant's predictions about their metabolism where actually incorrect.

The researchers showed there was very little difference in resting metabolic rate among the participants. They also found very little difference in all other assessments including thyroid function.

Truth be told, it's very difficult even in a laboratory setting to determine whether you have a fast or slow metabolism. It's even more difficult to determine what relevance this has, if any, to your health and fitness goals.

Everyone can improve how they look, function and feel. It's much easier to focus on the key factors that we know construct the right metabolism for success!

I've identified the 3 all important factors that have the most profound effect on creating the right metabolism for success, in my Fat Loss e-course, it's a free download.
Next week we're going to build on this information and get into more detail on how we can implement these factors to create better health, fitness and promote fat loss, all at once!

Use my snap notes below, to consolidate the key points so we can learn even more next week!

Talk soon
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*Wallhuss A. Isik M. Nystrom F. Comparison of subjective sense of high or low metabolism and objectively measured resting metabolic rate. Scandinavian Journal of Clinical & Laboratory Investigation, 2010; 70: 334–337


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