The more I eat the hungrier I get!


Q: I am completely satisfied after I eat but in 3 hours I'm ready to eat again...Am I just weird?

A: This is actually a fantastic question! No, you are not just weird; this phenomenon is actually based in science.

There may be more than one thing that is going on here, so let’s look at one or two that are most common.

For one, it is common to experience a drop in calories when switching from calorie dense, low fiber foods to foods that are nutrient rich and full of fiber. Our brain often sees the “portion size” of the high calorie foods and we automatically replace that same “size” with healthier alternatives.

While it is a switch for the better, the nutrient dense foods tend to be lower in calories so simply switching one for the other without increasing the portion size of the calorie sparse choice will ultimately lead to an unconscious drop in calories. Often this can be a significant blow to your daily caloric intake.

As we have discussed before, cutting calories beyond a certain amount will cause your gut and brain to send signals enticing you to consume more food.

This may be one reason you had experience this early on. Surely, after having viewed the Calorie Awareness Slideshow you may have corrected any of these shortcomings.

Another potential reason for feeling unsatisfied after eating your MP meals early on may have more to do with your attitude toward your meals.

That’s right, I said your attitude.

What exactly does your attitude toward your food have to do with your hunger?

I bet you didn’t realize that the way you view your food has an impact on your satiety. It is true. This is exactly what researchers found when they lied to participants about the milkshake they were drinking. Yes, I know. It isn’t nice to lie, but it was in the name of science.

On two separate occasions participants received a 380-calorie milkshake. On one occasion researchers informed the participants that they were consuming a 620-calorie milkshake, and on the other occasion they were told that they were consuming a 140-calorie shake.

The researchers also added specific descriptors to each of the shakes. The 620-calorie shake was “indulgent” and the 140- calorie shake was “sensible”. These terms may be similar to how you referred to the meals you ate previously and the new metabolically precise meals to which you switched.

To measure the effects of these shakes as well as individual’s responses to them, researchers measured ghrelin (the hunger hormone) at three different points: baseline, prior to consumption and post consumption.

After baseline measures were taken, participants were presented with the falsified nutrition information and description of the shake (“indulgent”, or “sensible”). They were then asked to drink the shake.

What researchers found was that after individuals consumed what they felt was an “indulgent” 620-calorie shake they experienced a steep decline in ghrelin concentrations. In other words, participants felt satisfied.

After consuming what was presented as a “sensible” 140-calorie shake, individuals experienced very little change in ghrelin levels. In other words, they were not satisfied.

What does that mean and what does all of this have to do with you?

It means that if your mindset was one of “I’m missing out” then your brain, and your hormones, may have been driving your desire to continue eating.

Having gone from what you felt were hearty, satisfying meals to ones that you felt were “lighter” and more sensible left your brain and your hormones hungry for more.

Metabolic Precision does away with the mindset of “diet food” that is unsatisfying. The mental and physical shift that takes place after delving into the Cookbible and experiencing the Fast, Delicious Nutrition first hand is quite amazing.

You go from feeling hungry and unsatisfied to completely satiated and happy. And on top of that your hormones are happy as well!

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That’s right hundreds of delicious recipes at your fingertips. Your hormones, and your waistline, will thank you!

Research: Crum A. Corbin W. Brownell K. Salovey P. Mind over milkshakes: mindsets, not just nutrients, determine ghrelin response. Health Psychol. 2011 Jul:30(4):424-9.

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