What is the best exercise for fat loss


What is the best exercise to incorporate into your program for fat loss?

That is a great question but first we need to look carefully at what your program should achieve.

To do that, take a look at our metabolic pie chart.

The largest slice - up to two-thirds (66%) of all the energy we metabolize each day comes down to our body composition. That is, the amount of muscle we possess.

Muscle is by far, the most metabolically active tissue. Our muscles are a dynamic reservoir of protein that is constantly broken down to donate proteins that participate in every process that keeps us alive and functioning every day.

Our muscles supply the essential fuel that powers all immune function and cell replication. Muscle is also the only tissue that metabolises stored energy (carbohydrate and fat) into usable energy.

Our muscles drive our metabolism.

Here's something else you may not know....

The average adult can expect to lose 10kgs of pure muscle and replace it with up to 20kgs of body fat. An ever-increasing amount of research suggests this process triggers accelerated ageing!

We lose muscle mass easily as we age and this underlines what makes us sick, old and fat! 

On the other hand, building and maintaining our muscle mass appears to trigger all the responses that keep us young and vital. My fellow scientists keep telling me, building muscle is the ‘Fountain of Youth’.

As our muscles contribute up to 66% of all energy we metabolize on a daily basis, it makes sense that to keep the fat off we need to focus our exercise program on building muscle.

So what is the best exercise to maintain our muscles and keep the fat at bay as we age?

A sad but true fact is people that do make the time to exercise often don’t even incorporate the right exercises designed to build muscle, burn fat and deliver rapid results.

I’m sure you know the avid fitness junkies that exercise religiously but their bodies never change! They never improve how they look!

Maybe that’s you!

If you are like most folks, you can devote just 3-6 hours a week to physical activity. To ensure the best fat loss bang-for-your-buck, it makes sense to base your activity choices on those that build/preserve muscle.

The No.1 choice here is resistance exercise structured for progressive overload.

Understand, in order to achieve the body you want, and keep it, you’ll have to embrace this activity sooner or later.

Also, the older you get, the more important resistance exercise becomes!

More and more people today are aware of the value of resistance exercise. However, the real key is to incorporate exercises that allow gradual improvements and overload.

What that means is, small but consistent improvements in...

- range of motion,
- posture and body position during the exercise as well as
- small gains in strength.

During a program, all these factors add up to rapid, outstanding results in strength, body composition and shape.

Is your resistance exercise program designed for progression and rapid results?

More importantly, is the resistance exercise program shown in well-controlled research studies to deliver rapid, outstanding results?

I can tell you that most programs prescribed to folks in gyms and fitness centres have absolutely no scientific support and definitely no studies that demonstrate it's effectiveness.

How to design, execute and instruct research-proven resistance exercise for rapid improvements in body shape is a feature of the MP Transformation Specialist Certifications.

What about cardio - when do I do that? What about other types of exercise?

Another huge mistake I often see is enthusiastic people launch into lots of workouts each week and they start cutting calories!!!

No wonder most people give up their program in a few weeks. 

If you go into the gym each night to "smash yourself" with an intense workout, you probably know that approach this doesn't last too long.

A haphazard or excessive approach to exercise will wipe out any benefits the training should provide.

If your goal is better health, improved fitness and fat loss here's what a well-designed program should do: 

- Integrate both high & low intensity activities
- Build progression gradually 
- Create momentum that accelerates results!
- Add value to your life, not take over your life.
- Prevent overtraining & plateaus (which kill motivation & progress)
- Take only 3% of your entire week!

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