What is your Carrot?


I’ve witnessed thousands of transformations over my years teaching Metabolic Precision but I also know just as many people fail and drop away from what they really wanted....

So why is it that some people achieve an amazing result and others don’t?

Studying the black art and science of transformation has been a full blown obsession of mine for over 30 years, to the point where even now at 50 yrs old, I’ve enrolled in my fourth degree at University to gain even more insights.

First of all, I can assure you that results do not depend on whether or not a person is lazy, lacks will power or ‘doesn’t want it bad enough’.

Often the degree of results experienced doesn’t come down to age, gender, the amount of exercise, discipline, previous history, environment or even genetics.

After watching hundreds of thousands of very busy people achieve the body they want and observing just as many abandon their plan, I can honestly tell you, it often comes down to just one thing...

One ‘secret ingredient’ if you want to call it that.

For Fitness Professionals, it’s the one key between successful coaching and stressful coaching..

It’s also the one difference I see between the amazing success stories and the drop-offs...

It’s called a carrot.

Here’s the thing, a personal trainer can try motivate or push you till you’re both blue in the face, but to get any difficult job done, we all need a carrot dangling in front of us.

A carrot is something that ‘pulls’ us forward, something we really enjoy and only receive if the job gets done.

An effective carrot is something that will make you feel elated, accomplished, excited, maybe even scare you a little.

Nevertheless, it helps make all the little stuff worthwhile.. the grind of meal prep, recording data, organizing yourself & the family every week...

So many trainers try to coach people without providing the carrot.

And that is why so many of their clients quickly lose focus and interest in what they are doing.

Sure, the food prep can be a bit of a drag at times... so can the training or the regular entries into your food diary...

A carrot won’t make the tasks disappear but a carrot can make the mundane meaningful, relevant and even satisfying.

Put it this way.... when ever I hear a person complain about tasks or what to eat, or ask for a protein ball recipe!! I know there’s no clear carrot in place.

No matter how good the coach or the program, it most always fails without a carrot in place.

On the other hand, I’ve seen the power of the carrot so many times. This is a good example of what we call a carrot..

It’s not about whether you win or not, it’s about being apart of something bigger, realizing so many others just like you are all striving and sharing.

Remember, a carrot must...

• Excite and scare you a little, at the same time!
• Put you out of your comfort zone but give you the support you need.
• Be fun!!! And broaden your horizons to make you feel like anything is possible.

Above all, to be truly rewarding and gratifying there needs to be commitment from the start, particularly in the face of a little adversity.

That’s why we set the date early for our ‘carrot’ each year.

That’s why all the great MP Coaches make sure their clients are a part of it.

To achieve something wonderful and worthwhile, the best coaches understand you need more than coaching.

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