Research - Eat your veggies first


Did you ever know kids or adults that had an annoying habit of eat just one thing on the plate before moving on to the next?

Vegetables first, then the chicken and finally the potato...

Do you know someone who eats like that?

Turns out they may be onto something. The order of the food you consume in a meal appears to have a tremendous impact on blood glucose (sugar) responses that can promote better fat loss and lower your risk of diabetes drastically.

Researchers from Cornell University took a group of diabetics and fed them a meal consisting of orange juice, bread, salad, chicken, and vegetables - a pretty normal meal that you might eat at home or at a restaurant...

The key aspect was, they fed these people in two ‘installments’. On one occasion they were given the orange juice and bread and then 15minutes later they were given the salad, chicken, and veggies.

On a separate occasion they were given the meal in reverse order—first the salad, chicken, and veggies, and 15 minutes later the orange juice and bread.

The researchers measured the body’s response to the two different meal orders. Blood glucose and insulin measures were taken at 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes after the meals were eaten.

Results showed at all times points blood glucose (and insulin) was lower when the salad, chicken and veggies were eaten first!!

In fact, the changes in blood glucose and insulin obtained simply by altering the order of food consumed in the meal were almost the same as observed when diabetics use the medication Metformin!

Mom was right, there's a very good scientific reason to eat your veggies, first!

A new order

What this means to people with diabetes is, if they chose to eat more of their veggies and protein earlier in the meal, before the high energy carbohydrates like bread, pasta rice, there is a better chance of a lower blood sugar and insulin response.

If you're not a diabetic, a lower blood glucose response to meals means a more successful attempt at fat loss.

Simple changes to the foods we eat, more specifically the order in which we eat them can have a huge impact on our blood sugar, insulin, and subsequently our health.

Turns out mum was right - there is a scientific reason to eat your veggies, first!

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Shukla A. Iliescu R. Thomas CE. Aronne L. Food order has significant impact on postprandial glucose and insulin levels. Diabetes Care. July 2015. 38(7);e98-e99.

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