Is there a Best time? Fat Loss Coaching Vodcast


Is there a best time to exercise?

Sure, any workout is better than no workout. However, as your Fat Loss expert coaches we want to give you the best chance possible for success. In this episode we cover 

• We talk the best times and types to relieve stress, improve sleep, fat loss, muscle and strength gains

• Why the time of exercise can be very important for improving body composition – more muscle, less fat!

• We provide research based and personal examples – such as how Shar trained to win two World Figure Shaping Titles.

• Discover what is Nutrient Partitioning and why training at the right time can amplify your results!

• Exercise as a great mood booster what is best to mitigate daily stress and sleep better at night.

Recommended reading

Muscle Mass Matters
Nutrient Timing
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