The Best Exercise? Fat Loss Coaching Vodcast


What is the best exercise for Fat Loss?

We know that humans can only burn around 3-500calories per intense workout, regardless of the type of exercise. The average hamburger and fries will give that & more, and that’s just one meal! So using exercise as a trade off never works for fat loss.

Also consider that the average healthy adult will lose up to 5kg of muscle with every passing decade and replaces this with up to 7kg of fat. Muscle is the primary site of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. So these age related changes in body composition have a profound affect on our health.

In today’s Vodcast we cover not only what is the best exercise for permanent fat loss, we’ll also look at how much you need to do and how to build this into your week. We’ve had over 60,000 people transform themselves with our program so we will be able to give you real world examples along with the clear science. 

Article: Exercise For Weight Loss 

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