What burns the most calories?


This morning I completed a great spin class - just over an hour of super intense cycling with a wonderfully enthusiastic instructor.

By the end I was spent. However, during the warm down, the instructor kept urging us to attend her class again later that night, so we could enjoy that extra glass of wine or piece of chocolate later!

So here we are at the end of an hour plus workout being told to do even more exercise later that day, just so we can indulge later!

My gosh! I thought - if this is what the fitness 'experts' are saying, no wonder the public is so confused when it comes to fat loss.

In our FREE Fat Loss e-course I introduce you to the metabolic pie chart and identify the amount of energy (calories/kilojoules) expended as a result of working out.

Take a look at the metabolic pie chart above, the daily workout constitutes only a small proportion, just 17% of all the energy we metabolize each day.

Yep, just 17% can be attributed to a daily workout.

Exercise physiologists will tell you, any intense exercise, no matter what kind, only burns around 10 calories a minute!

For most individuals, even a rigorous, hour-long workout will only burn around 500-1000 calories. Now consider one hamburger ‘n’ fries can easily contain over 900 calories.

That’s one meal.

You can start to see where many people get it wrong – they attempt to use exercise as a trade off or a means to “burn off” excess calorie consumption.

I didn't have the heart to tell my Spin Class instructor, eating can have almost the same impact as exercise.

From our metabolic pie chart, you can see that feeding (nutrition) can account for up to 12% of all energy metabolized over a 24 hour period. There is not much difference between the percentages for eating and exercise (12% and 17% respectively).

Obviously, what you eat and when you eat can have a profound affect on your metabolism and ability to achieve results.

I talk more about this in our Fat Loss e-course, have you signed on? It's FREE.

For now, understand that the food we feed our bodies and activity we perform on a daily basis is simply information (data) that’s constantly fed into our bodies - which are nothing more than a Hairy Bag of Chemical Soup . This data is processed and the result is chronic (long-term) effects on our metabolism.

Now remember, this is pretty smart “soup”, it's evolved from 100,000 or so years of evolutionary tweaking. You can’t trick it, you can’t fool it and you definitely can’t fight it. The most powerful thing you can do is learn how to make your metabolism work for you.

What exercise burns the most calories?

If you take another look at the metabolic pie chart and remember that just 17% of all energy metabolized over a day can be attributed to the daily workout.

No matter what activity you chose, the percentage slice of the metabolic pie is still going to be pretty much the same.

So as long as you are moving, making yourself huff, puff, pant and sweat, then we know you're on the right track.

The exercise that burns the most calories is the type you do consistently.

We know that most people today are doing well if they can commit 3 to 6 hours a week to physical exercise.

We also know that if you do exercise vigorously for 3 to 6 hours a week you are devoting enough time to create all the great improvements you want.

Next week we will take a close look at the right exercise program that sheds fat, builds strength and creates a great looking body  - even when you can only devote a handful of hours to exercise each week?

See you then!
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