What does Lean mean to you?


Conservatively, I think Shar and I have helped over 20,000 people ‘Get Lean’ and intriguingly, each one had a different idea of what that meant...

To some, ‘Get Lean’ means getting ripped and rock hard like Simon.

To others it might be lose over 50kgs of unwanted weight and change shape completely, like Yvette.

Sometimes it just comes down to a desire to lose those last 5 or so stubborn kgs that would really make you look and feel amazing like Tracee.

For many, like Shar and I, it can simply be a matter of beating back the aging process to keep getting better at the things you love to do.

Shar and I turn 49 yrs old this year, and after nearly three decades of helping people transform we’ve learned that…

• Getting ‘fit’ doesn’t solve health or fat loss problems.

• Nutrition is never about macros, grams of food or calories, it’s really about deep seeded personal beliefs and understanding habits that often have nothing to do with long term success.

• Weight loss often has little to do with ‘more exercise’ and much more to do with the obstacles we put in front of ourselves, the long held perceptions, unrealistic expectations and pressures.

• A wonderful life balance that improves how you look, function and feel doesn’t come in 12 weeks – it comes from an understanding of how to exercise and feed your body throughout your entire lifespan.

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