When a calorie is not a calorie


To shed the fat we're all lead to believe its a simple crunch of the calories in vs calories out numbers. Ensure a careful manipulation each day to achieve a precision-based calorie deficit, and bingo! Fat loss and a lean mean body.

If you look to the nutrition gurus on social media for your fat loss tips, you'll get lots of posts about macros, grams of protein, carbs and fats among their pics of donuts, burgers and ice-cream...

If you live and “diet” by your macros and calorie counting sword, here’s something to consider... Virtually everything we think we know about calories is probably wrong.

The assessments that determine the energy values of our macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) is based on science that’s 150 years old.

The respiration calorimeter developed by the great American chemist Wilbur Olin Atwater in the 19th century calculated the energy content of various foods by burning small samples in controlled conditions and measuring the amount of energy released in the form of heat.

Atwater estimated that carbohydrates and protein provide an average of 4 kcal (16.7kJ) per gram, while fat provides 9 kcal (37.7kJ) per gram.

These values were approximates but somehow they became carved in stone by nutrition authorities the world over.

Our body does not incinerate food. When we metabolize nutrition there are many factors that determine how much energy we actually obtain from a food or even a meal.

According to a lot of good research, the energy we actually obtain from various types of protein, carbs or fats can vary tremendously.

That also means our food labels can provide significant errors in energy estimates per serving by as much as 25%.

When is a Calorie not a calorie?


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