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Science-based systems and resources that turn all those good intentions into a high-performance lifestyle.

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MP Level 1


Metabolic Nutrition

A ton of cutting-edge nutritional information is one thing. Knowing how to apply and teach nutrition that changes lives - that's another matter entirely. With Metabolic Nutrition you receive both.

Note: Metabolic Nutrition enables personal trainers & fitness professionals to deliver a tailored service whist remaining within their skill set.

Gain The Edge over your competition. Take your health or fitness business to another level in professionalism.

The unique benefits of the Metabolic Nutrition
  • The latest research in one easy-to-teach program.
  • A complete process, get results where others fail.
  • Systems that create structure, accountability & sustained motivation!
  • Eat for health, performance & fat loss all at once!!
  • Deliver a life-changing service, remain within your skill-set.
Thanks to my MP Coach
I lost over 50kgs
  in 12 months!
Classroom, kitchen and a structured on-line support program. Here's just a sample of what you will learn:
  • How to critique the potential of any diet!
  • Determine your clients nutritional IQ!
  • Monitor & refine, no counting calories or following a diet!
  • Teach nutrition for success in any fitness-related goal!
  • Nutrition Timing: make food work for you!
  • Learn what the healthiest people in the world really eat!
  • Build Supplement programs for you and your clients!
  • Metabolically precise meals in less than 10 minutes!
  • Nutrition that embraces religious, socio-economical and cultural diversities!
  • Competitive bodybuilding, figure shaping & sports model nutrition programming
  • Metabolic Classifying: identifies problems & the solutions, take your clients to the next level!

" MP Level 1 will do amazing things for you & your business - we are living proof! "

Lisa & Drew Ellison

Plus get these FREE Bonuses!

The Industry Insider

The on-line newsletter that is like nothing you have read before. This is a real behind-the-scenes look at the fitness industry. Get the science-based facts, no-frills clear-cut information you will not get anywhere else. Frauds exposed, myths squashed. Stay informed about the developments that will shape the future of this industry, FREE!

Success & Support Program

Ensures you get the most from the Metabolic Precision experience. This is like an on-line mentoring program with Dr Paul Cribb PhD that covers focus tasks, objectives and tutorials to hone your new skills, create confidence and achieve Metabolic Precision qualification – all in your own time, at your pace. It also includes direct email access to the MP experts. Whenever you have questions, we're there to help.

Guide to Special Populations

This is the latest research on populations living with cancer, HIV, Ulcerative colitis, Celiacs, Diabetes, Thyroid conditions. Plus the most up-to-date section on exercise and nutrition during pregnancy, plus more!

The Metabolic Precision e-files

Fully compatible, simple to use. With the Metabolic Precision e-files you can email, store & up-date all your clients data; no paper, no lost documents. Makes coaching, data collection and record keeping very professional and a breeze.


Mark Betts


"I have been in the Personal Training Industry a long time, no nutrition course comes close to MP Level 1, I'm living proof"


Naomi Goode

MP registered professional

"As a practicing Dietician that has completed all the MP Levels I recommend Metabolic Precision to all Fitness Industry Professionals."

MP Level 1

Metabolic Nutrition Contains:

1. Professional Hard Copy Resource

This is the Professionals complete guide to nutrition that changes lives! You receive a beautifully presented resource that contains: The Steps to Creating Metabolic Precision, Metabolic Nutrition Timing, The FEONS (Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition), The MP Meal Construction System, The Kitchen Makeover System, The Professional's Guide to Nutrition Coaching for Transformation, The Professional's Guide to Building Supplement Programs, The Professional's Guide to Metabolic Classifying, The Professional's Guide to Body Composition Assessment, Vegetarian Eating for Transformation and much more!

2. Metabolic Precision Cookbible

You get the hard copy and DVD plus on-line updates! This complete food resource contains over 150 FDN (Fast, Delicious, Nutritious) recipes. Metabolically precise meals in less than 10 minutes. Learn how to capitalize on The Metabolic Window - make food work for you! Plus a stack of tips, tricks and strategies that make healthy eating a delicious lifestyle, a pleasure, not a chore!

3. Metabolic Precision Audio Series

Turn your car, iPod or Mp3 into a mobile nutrition university! Learn the principles of success, how to eat with metabolic precision; accelerate recovery, boost energy and trigger amazing changes - more muscle, less body fat! The Metabolic Precision audio series can be taken anywhere to learn in your own time, at your pace!

4. The Metabolic Nuutrition Tutorials

Over 30 tutorials on-line! Learn & apply every aspect of the Metabolic Precision Program; Up-skill, consolidate and fine-tune your new service. Gain the practical knowledge & expertise that very few professionals possess.

5. Complete Training with the Experts

CEO & Founders Dr Paul Cribb PhD, and two-time Ms Olympia World Figure Champion, Shar Sault take you through all the systems, the kitchen practical work and the structured, extensive support program so that you achieve certification. You get all the knowledge, tools and skills from genuine experts in personal training and elite nutrition coaching. Get the latest cutting-edge information, and know how to apply it! Fast-track your success as an expert in nutrition that changes lives. Deliver a quality of service that has never been seen before in the fitness industry.

6. Level 1 Professional Access

Get the latest online updates & developments in fat loss, nutrition & supplements! There's hundreds of cutting-edge articles, special reports, research updates, an amazingly comprehensive Q&A data base, exercise tutorials, nutrition videos, workouts and complete transformation programs by expert trainers & World Champion athletes, plus more! A complete resource that's up-dated daily! No extra costs!! No re-joining fees!!

7. Sports Nutrition Specialist

Metabolic Precision is endorsed by The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). That means when you complete MP Level 1 you are able to achieve the amazing ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification at no extra cost. Usual value over $500!  That's two amazing qualifications - MP Level 1 & the ISSN SNS for the one discounted investment.

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8. Certification, Registration & CECs

Complete tuition and receive a beautifully presented Certificate. Plus you become a registered Metabolic Precision Practitioner on the extensive network. Promote yourself & your unique qualification to the world!

Metabolic Precision courses are nationally and internationally recognized. Earn CECs, CEUs, PDPs with the leading health and fitness organizations at no extra cost!!


Shawn Arent

Assoc Prof, Centre for Health &
Human Performance, Rutgers University

"MP's comprehensive, research-based nutrition systems promote lifestyle change and provide real solutions for the situations people face every day. That's why I recommend MP to Fitness Professionals."


Amy Benn


"With MP Level 1 I doubled my income and halved my work hours. You have at your finger tips science-based systems that deliver your clients results and give you more time and a better income."

Become an
online coach

The Ultimate On-line Coach CMS delivers the entire MP product in a personalized, automated system you can roll out to any number of clients you wish to coach on-line.

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Metabolic Nutrition

  • Structured classroom and kitchen on-line tuition.
  • Over 30 quality videos & audios withDr Paul Cribb PhD, and Shar Sault.
  • On-line Success & Support Program
  • Unlimited access to all Level 1 Resources
  • Hard copy materials shipped to your door
  • No Membership or ongoing fees
  • Up to 12 months to complete qualification
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  • Make your purchase now & get the Special Offer - Strictly limited numbers!
  • Receive your beautifully presented Professional Resource Folder via registered mail now!
  • Gain Level 1 Professional Access to & all the incredible resources now!
  • Get exclusive access to the Level 1 Program On-line now!
  • Structured classroom learning and kitchen videos on-line
  • Live classrooms with Paul, Shar & the MP Experts
  • Plus! Personal email support from the MP Team!
  • All on-line resources available to you 24hrs a day!
  • No Registration fees or on-going fees!
  • Become part of an elite team of professionals that changes lives!




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