Metabolic Precision Level 2

EXERCISE & business

Research-proven systems to become an Expert in Transformation


MP Level 2


Here's what MP Level 2 will do!
  • Gives new trainers 20 years of experience, research-proven systems and 24-hour support.
  • Provides established trainers with time and wealth! Expand your training business, quickly, successfully, painlessly.
  • Completely systemized exercise instruction and programing! Train new staff and bring current staff up to speed, quickly as well as provide the all-important on-going education. Ensures quality control across your entire personal training business.

Note: When you want to take that well-earned holiday or if you have an emergency, the next MP trainer can step in and know exactly what to do with your clients and more importantly, give your clients the level of service they expect, every time!

1. The F.I.R.E System

  • Become skilled in FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise) shown in clinical research to deliver fantastic results in strength and body shape.

  • Removes the confusion from program design & gets results fast!

  • Learn techniques that boost strength 5-20% instantly!

  • Experience The Nexus Point – optimize biomechanics, neural activation and force production.

  • Get the knowledge, skills & tools that deliver rapid transformation results so you stand out from the rest!

2. The I.C.E System

  • The ICE (Intense Cardo Exercise) System is Science-based, maximize fitness and fat loss at the same time!
  • Turns exercise into a potent fat-burning weapon!
  • Integrate the right type & amount to accelerate muscle gains, fat loss and body shape changes.
  • In minutes, give your clients highly structured, result-producing cardio workouts utilizing all their favorite activities.

3. The Advanced Programing System

  • With this unique system in minutes, you will construct customized 12 week programs with complete confidence; for novices, over 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, the overweight and the elite.
  • Learn how to integrate Kettlebells, CrossFit and all other forms of exercise into your clients programs.
  • Research-proven programing structure for rapid strength and body composition changes.
  • Prescribe the right type and amount to ensure the best results in the shortest possible amount of time.

4. The MP Business Success System

Most personal trainers fit into two categories; 90% are "grinders" 10% are "soarers".

A "grinder" knows how to work hard, and they do so every single week. They put their head down, train as many clients as they can and work, work, work....They are very busy delivering great workouts but they don’t have a business that creates more money and gives them more time.

A "soarer" makes their own path, blazes their own trail and lives life on their own terms. They have a structured, profitable business that runs on systems that create more time and money for them. A "soarer" knows when to work hard and when to work smart.

The MP Business Success System helps personal trainers move out of the “grinder” category and into the “soarer” category.

  • Avoid the mistakes every trainer makes
  • Learn a successful PT business model that develops wealth.
  • A unique, yet simple structure that eliminates cash flow problems.
  • Discover client "typing", "ascension" & other skills that ensure a much better income.
  • Comes complete with manuals, audio library and support program!
  • Don't waste years just earning a living - achieve your full potential.


Brian Miller


MP Level 2 taught me how to build a business working from my parents Garage only 12 contact hours per week bringing in $3000 per week. Every PT needs to do this certification.


Tanya De lulio


“This is the weekend that changed everything for me from how I train, work and think about my business. It will for you too!”

MP Level 2 Weekend gives you:

1. Hands-on Training & Expert Tuition

In the classroom and workouts in the gym, experience warm-up strategies that increases strength by up to 20% instantly. Exercise execution & techniques to optimize neural activation, muscle stimulation and force transfer. Learn & teach the correct biomechanics that will set you above any other trainer on the gym floor. These days will totally transform the level of your personal training service!

2. The FIRE, ICE & APS Training Manuals

You receive three comprehensive instruction manuals. Each includes, the research behind the systems, systemized programing examples from novice to the elite. The Pinnacle exercises, workout and program construction, how to avoid overtraining, accelerate strength and body shape changes. Integrate FIRE & ICE to speed fat loss and body shape changes, a complete step-by-step guide. Comes with frequently asked Q&A guide, workout templates, exercise tables and charts.

3. Audio and video series

Each system comes complete with audio series. Learn the research and the techniques that will set you above the pack, how to trigger amazing results, and you can learn all in your own time, at your own pace! Over 100 hours of material!

4. How to Sell MP to maximize value & profit!

An entire step-by-step marketing & sales process is laid out for you! This includes marketing material, sales brochure and price presentation templates. Maximize your income selling a terrific product easily with honestly and integrity.

5. Level 2 Professional Access

You gain Level 2 Professional Member access to - a complete on-line resource designed specifically for personal trainers. Here is where you'll find all your marketing & sales resources, business educational material, the Level 2 Transformation Specialist Success & Support Program, a complete Guide to Resistance Exercise for Special Populations, Training videos, audios & tutorials plus more!

Don't forget, you gain email support from the MP Experts, including Dr Paul Cribb, Founder of

6. Registration

Complete tuition and become a registered MP Level 2 Practitioner listed on the network. Promote yourself & your unique qualification to the world!

Metabolic Precision courses are nationally and internationally recognized. Earn CECs, CEUs, PDPs with the leading health and fitness organizations at no extra cost!!

FREE Special Bonus!!

Upon completion of MP Level 2 you become registered to promote your business via the extensive MP network. Certificate of completion and iron-on badge are also provided to show off your unique qualification.

Special Bonus FREE!!

The MP Wealth Creation Pack (value $497)
The MP Wealth Creation Pack provides a clear, easy to follow business model that ensures more time, money and wealth.

The MP Wealth Creation Pack contains The PT Business Wealth Creation Model™ a clear structure of how and what you need to focus on in your business to remove cash flow problems and expand your business painlessly; The 7 Steps to Systemizing your Lower Priced Service (LPS); Super Time-Saving templates; The Cash Stream article - the link that funnels clients from your LPS to your one-to-one service; Professionally written MP Sales Brochure - identifies your unique benefits as an MP Provider; The Art of Selling PT; How to write a PT Business Plan that works, plus more!!


Callum Perera


“The MP Level 2 Transformation weekend will change everything about your business for the better- including your body.”


Anna Quash


"After MP Level 2 I created a business that was making more money in less time than working as a highly qualified Paramedic so I made the career change and have never looked back. Metabolic Precision is amazing”


  • Get the Science & the Systems of Transformation!
  • In the classroom & gym, 4 workouts, 2 jam-packed days!
  • Learn the techniques & skills that make all the difference!
  • Discover how to position & market your unique service!
  • Build a business that earns you more by working less!
  • You get...
  • Instant access to all Level 2 Resources!
  • Hard copy materials shipped to your door!
  • No Registration costs or ongoing fees!
  • An entire support network of friendly, genuine professionals to help you succeed!
Here's how it works:
  • Make your purchase now & get the Special Offer - Strictly limited numbers!
  • Receive your beautifully presented Professional Resource Folder via registered mail now!
  • Gain access to all the incredible Level 2 resources now!
  • You have:
  • Personal email support from the MP Team!
  • Up to 12 months to Complete your qualification!
  • No on-going fees & Registration fees
  • All the support & resources you need to become a genuine expert that changes lives!



2 Day Course


Usual Price $1799

Sept 7,8 2019


15/26 Burgess Rd Bayswater Nth, Melb, Vic

*Only 20


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