Metabolic Precision is the clear science of transformation, not a set way of eating. MP is not based on one person's beliefs and opinions. Our systems are the product of extensive, unbiased science and research based information. We do not sell supplements or anything else, there are no hidden agendas. As the founder of Metabolic Precision I have sourced, worked with and consulted the worlds leading experts, real scientists on the clear information that will empower fitness professionals and the people they transform.

    Metabolic Precision is your complete body transformation solution - dedicated to educating fitness professionals and their clients, to remove all the confusion about exactly how to achieve optimum health, peak fitness and a body you can be proud of! When a trainer becomes a qualified Metabolic Precision Provider they become part of a great team. A team of highly skilled, like-minded individuals dedicated to transforming lives, possibly the greatest gift of all.

    Welcome to a wonderful team!


    Dr Paul J. Cribb PhD.
    CEO & Founder

    Meet the MP Academic Board

  • Dr Paul Cribb PhD
    CEO & Founder

  • Shar Sault

  • Michelle Adams-Arent
    Science & Education

  • Dr Susan
    Kleiner PhD. RD.

  • Dr Alan
    Hayes PhD.

  • Dr Shawn
    Arent PhD.

  • Dr Abbie
    Smith PhD.

  • Dr Kelly
    Kenndy PhD.

  • Dr Darryn
    Willoughby PhD.

  • Dr Matthew
    Cooke PhD.

  • Dr Mike
    Greenwood PhD.

  • Dr Lem
    Taylor PhD.

  • Dr Paul
    Henning PhD.