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I’ve heard a lot about Leucine and wondering if I should be supplementing with it?

Leucine is known regulator of muscle protein synthesis or MPS [1]. It does this by initiating mRNA translation through the mTOR , p70S6K-4E-BP1 signaling pathways [2]. A high concentration of leucine in the diet is thought to underline favorable affects on fat loss and body composition, via protein sparing and a stable glucose environment during energy-restricted periods [3].

Increasing the leucine concentration of a protein serving (to ~40% ) can increase resting rates of MPS. For these reasons recent investigations have assessed the effects of adding leucine to meals and protein supplements. [4-8]

It's interesting to note that adding leucine can restore the anabolic response of meals and training in older adults (60-year-olds) to levels similar to that observed in 20 year-olds [9]. Importantly as i said, this improved muscle "rejuvenation" response occurs after leucine-rich meals but also after exercise [10]. Therefore, leucine content of a meal may well determine the meals' anabolic response.

However, several research groups have failed to see additional benefit from adding leucine to a protein rich food or supplement - either by adding leucine to a moderate dose of high quality protein (10-30grams) at rest [7] and post exercise [8, 11]. In fact, a low dose of whey protein (6gm) with added leucine or all other essential amino acids (to the equivalent of 25g of whey protein isolate) was not as effective as 25g of whey protein isolate alone at sustaining increased rates of MPS post-exercise.[11]

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Although these findings suggest that added leucine is unnecessary for the stimulation of MPS when sufficient EAAs are provided from a quality protein source, the potential role of leucine in stimulating muscle anabolism in populations susceptible to protein loss and proteolytic conditions such as calorie deprivation (athletes making weight) and sustained endurance-type exercise, warrants further research.

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