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Transformation Tip-Taking Your Business to the Next Level by Kane Paterson


 I want to share with you the difference in my business this time last year compared to now.

Start of last year was a scary time for me I was not making much money and was working heaps of hours.

My girlfriend was supporting me and keeping me afloat, as well as paying for my mentorship.

I was traveling 45 mins to and from work each day.

I was working about 35 contact hours a week and spread over 6 days of the week.

I had pretty much given up on getting my LPS running, I had tried 5 times to start something and not succeeded at it.

Skipping forward to the start of this year and things are very different.

Going into the start of my first transformation block I am making nearly the same amount I made for the whole of last year.

I am able to pay for my own stuff and not rely on my girlfriend, which makes it easier on our relationship!

I have a 4-minute walk to work and am working less than 25 hours a week, with 3-day weekends.

I also have a successful LPS running and growing!

Here are my 5 tips for any of you guys looking to take it to the next level in 2016 –

1. Live your product day in, day out -I’ve been doing this for a long time and eventually people could see this and started asking questions in the gym. Those people became clients.

2. Don’t just be a PT – be a business professional - I told my clients that things are changing, made those changes and invited them to progress with me and they were on board because they could see I was making an effort to improve.

3. Surround yourself with the right people – I now spend my time with the right people who are helping and pushing me to improve. I finally understand the importance of a support network!

4. Treat your clients like gold - I started treating the clients that I already had better and taking an interest in what they do out of the gym more, they started referring people to me. Building relationships!

5. Don’t run from your weaknesses - I looked at things that I struggled with and made efforts to get better at them; social media, written and verbal communication skills….SALES! I used to be scared of asking for money, now I’m getting confident in how I pre-qualify, sell, re-sell and up-sell and it feels really good.

Kane is an MP Level 2 Transformation Specialist. If you are looking to get your body and your business on track contact him here.

Check out Kane’s amazing transformation here.

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