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Transformation Tip-"Is BPS making you fat?"


 Can plastic make you fat?

While it may sound far-fetched it isn’t something that you’ll only find on the Sci-fi movie channel. You’ll find it in heaps of research articles and journals.

In fact you may recall the article Plastic & Hormones- Is There a Link that we featured a while back.

It seems that plastic is yet again making the headlines.

The story?

It appears as if the words ‘BPA-free’ don’t mean that you are in the clear.

Apparently bisphenol S is being used in place of bisphenol A, thus the label ‘BPA-free’. Unfortunately BPS, much like BPA, has been found to cause disruption to the endocrine system.

Initially this disturbance was thought to be limited to estrogen related hormones. Researchers now realize that both BPA and BPS affect both estrogen and thyroid hormone.

Can Plastic Make Me Fat? gave us a different perspective on all things plastic. At the time that was written it seemed as if any product that was marked ‘BPA-free’ meant that we didn’t need to be concerned with any potential negative impact.

With the information we now have it appears that exposure to other bisphenol compounds also results in hormonal and metabolic disruption.

What does this mean for you?

We should not be paralyzed running from anything and everything that may contain plastic; that would likely find us living under a rock!

Avoiding repeated exposure to BPA during early development and the neonatal period may be best based on the evidence we have from rat and other animal models.

Also, avoid heating plastic lined food containers to 100 degrees for 24 hours. Ok, kidding aside, it may be a good idea to limit the exposure of your plastic containers to heat.

You may want to consider using glass containers rather than plastic for storage and heating of your food.

Also adopting a one-and –done attitude when drinking from plastic containers.

Recycling may save space in the landfills but when it comes to BPA containing plastics, re-use may not be best for saving the humans, or our hormones.

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