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Transformation Tip- Exercise to beat metabolic slowdown


 You’ve heard it time and again- to lose weight you need to burn more calories that you consume.

But is that all there is to it?

Just create a calorie deficit?

Does it matter how big a deficit?

Does it matter how you create the deficit?

Despite what you may think, size does indeed matter.

Bigger isn’t better when it comes to caloric deficit- especially if you are aiming to reduce body fat, maintain optimal hormonal function and keep a smile on your face.

And when it comes to how you create this deficit, you’ll want to be sure to include exercise.

In fact, exercise may be your only saving grace when it comes to avoiding any metabolic slowdown.

Meredith Edge lost over 50kgs in 12 months thanks to an amazing Resistance Exercise program designed by her MP Transformation Specialist.


Researchers looked at the effect that caloric restriction, caloric restriction plus exercise, and low calorie diet had on total daily energy expenditure for a group of individuals over a period of 6 months.

Total daily energy expenditure as you might guess, is the total number of calories you expend in a day.

What they found was that the groups that did not include exercise in their weight loss attempts ended up with a lower metabolic rate. In fact, their metabolism had slowed more than it ‘should’ have.

Researchers calculated total daily energy expenditure for participants using equations that factor in age, sex, fat mass, fat free mass and a host of other factors. Then they used a metabolic chamber to measure each individual’s totally daily energy expenditure directly.

They were surprised to find that the folks who did not include exercise in their weight loss plan had actual total daily energy expenditure that was significantly different- lower- than what was calculated.

These folks had reduced energy expenditure during all times of their day—during normal physical activity, when they were sedentary, when they were sleeping. Everything.

On top of that, they tended to be even more sedentary in their daily routines than they were before they lost weight.

Turns out cutting calories cuts into more than just the size of your meals- it cuts into every aspect of your life.

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