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Transformation Tip- Frozen isn’t just for Disney


 “Ugh, there’s nothing in the fridge,” you groan as you slam the door shut in frustration.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some sort of fridge fairy that could magically stock your fridge for you?

 Emily Hill achieved the body of her dreams by surrounding herself with and endless supply of Fast Delicious Nutrition.

No more running out of Fast Delicious Nutritious food again- ever!

But wait; there IS a fridge fairy. You’re just looking in the wrong place to find her.

She lives in your FREEZER!

Ok here’s the deal- the secret to success is not cooking for one. Whether you are talking about one meal or one person it doesn’t matter.

You are already cutting the veggies, prepping the meat and turning on the oven or crockpot. Why not just prep a few more veggies and a bit more meat?

You’ll actually save yourself precious time by doing it this way.

Without a doubt cooking in bulk is the way to go.

But what are you to do when you cook up a heap of food and it won’t fit in your fridge? Or even worse you and your family won’t eat your way through it before it goes bad?

Pop it in the freezer!

That’s right—keeping your freezer stocked with meals is the key to keeping your fridge stocked!

And keeping your fridge stocked is a huge key to success.

Research shows that we eat the food that we have near us.

Keeping your fridge stocked with delicious, nutritious foods that are guaranteed to rev up your metabolism, speed recovery from exercise, and maximize efforts from training is the key to achieving your goals.

One day of cooking each week can easily keep your fridge and freezer stocked with a variety of foods.

Try this, pick 3 recipes and do an extra large cook up.

Portion one half of each recipe in containers for the week. Put the other half in a container in the freezer.

For your next cook up choose 3 different recipes- again one half batch of each dish will be portioned out for the week, the other half placed in the freezer.

It won’t take long before the freezer will be stocked and you’ll have an endless supply of food—making reaching your goals an even easier endeavor!

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