My 5 best TRX Suspension band exercises


My 5 best TRX Suspension Band Exercises.....And the problems they solve..

Hi team, over the last few weeks I’ve helped you in the kitchen, now this week I wanted to give you something that will help you in the gym. Often when people go to the gym there is no real purpose to the workout or the exercises they select or their trainer makes them do! So this week I wanted to give you 5 of my fav TRX –Suspension band exercises and why you should incorporate them into your workout plan. Work hard on these and feel the difference in your strength and body!

1 Row

This exercises teaches how to recruit and co-ordinate the muscles surrounding the scapular (shoulder blades) which is the key to all rowing and pressing movements. What I’m doing is getting Shar to focus on pulling ‘back and down’ with her shoulder blades and when you do that you will see that the elbows do not move past the shoulders – the opposite of what you see in most people who perform ‘rows’. Try 3 sets of 10 reps at various angles

2 Reverse Lunge
This exercise really helps with glute and thigh strengthening and shaping that you just don’t get from traditional barbell squatting and lunging. The motor recruitment pattern is so unique, you will feel this in every muscle in your lower body! The key here is not to add weight but focus on gradually achieving a great range of motion. Forget adding weight, get more from each rep. Try 15 each leg.

3. Clock Press
Named as your left arm makes the hands of a clock face from 9 to 10 to 11 and back and then your right arm makes 3, 2 then 1o’clock. As you can tell, this exercises develops amazing shoulder strength co-ordination you cannot achieve via traditional barbell training. Start by staying more upright and use only 9 and 3o’clock. Try 12 reps each side before progressing.

4. Single leg extension
This great exercise teaches your body a whole range of benefits, one is the co-ordination of the glutes and hamstrings each leg working differently at the one time. Same as most TRX exercises, the benefit is in achieving great control and range of motion. See how high you can get that back leg every rep. Try 2-3 sets of 15 each leg.

5. Crock Jaws
This exercise really targets the Posterior Chain in a unique way. Start in the squat position and use your hips to ‘pop’ up and then ‘open the Crocodile’s jaws’ alternate, 10 on each side will really work every muscle at the back of your body!

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