7 Delicious ways to eat more vegetables!


Want better skin in less than a month? Did you know that eating more vegetables can improve skin tone! Over 4 weeks, positive effects were reported in proportion to increased number of servings from 2 to 8 per day! [1]

What to get happy? Research shows people who eat up to 8 servings of fruit and vegetables daily feel happier, experience more life satisfaction and well-being. [2] 

Stressed at work? Other studies report that choosing vegetable dishes over the other food choices help to reduce stress. [3]

We all know we need to eat more veggies each day. however, many people are often unsure how to do it, easily, quickly and deliciously!

Are you are struggling to make vegetables easy to eat and taste great?

Here’s 7 delicious and easy ways to get more veggies into your plan. 

Above both pics show 3 cups of plant food which is around 65% of the daily recommended intake. But which one looks more appetising? Chopping and cutting veggies really does influence their taste, texture and mouth feel. For example: grate beetroot, slice mushrooms, dice cucumber, crinkle cut sweet potato - these strategies really bring out more flavour. In my example above, simply chop and toss the veggies into a hot pan for a few minutes, then add bursts of zing and crunch with diced fruits, a sprinkle of ginger, seeds or nuts. Three cups of veg has never been so easy to eat and delicious!

2. Who doesn’t like muffins! In no time at all you can make a batch of my Rainbow Muffins! Great for after school snacks, add to meals and lunch boxes! And they're all veggies - no fillers, no additives!

3. Chicken Pumpkin Loaf - Is your family vegetable resistant? Then it is important to start with familiar foods and sneak in more plant material. My Chicken Pumpkin Loaf is designed to do just that!

 4. Bean there…I know you’re thinking, yeah beans are great but people know when I’ve been eating them! Well this legume is easy to cook and doesn’t give people the tummy bloat or gas that many other legumes do! In my Live Cooking Chat I show you how to make this great dish the family will love.

5. My Beefless Beet Burgers taste amazing and look how easy they are to make! You’ll find the recipe in my New Transformation Cookbook.

6. My Veghetti Bolognese with Turkey Cranberry Meat Balls will quickly become a family favourite. See my live cooking video how easy it is to make 10 meals in less than 20 minutes!

7. My Plant Protein Burgers – forget those junk filled so called veggie burgers at the supermarket, my plant protein burgers are just that, with no additives or fillers! Get my tips on how to make these here.

Want something a little different? These Moroccan bites are a delicious way to get more plant food nutrition with a meal or as a healthy snack! 

Don't forget you'll find these recipes and a whole lot more in my New Transformation Cookbook!


1. Appleton KM, McGrath AJ, McKinley MC, Draffin CR, Hamill LL, Young IS, et al. The value of facial attractiveness for encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption: analyses from a randomized controlled trial. BMC public health. 2018;18(1):298.

2. Mujcic R, A JO. Evolution of Well-Being and Happiness After Increases in Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables. American journal of public health. 2016;106(8):1504-10.

3. Errisuriz VL, Pasch KE, Perry CL. Perceived stress and dietary choices: The moderating role of stress management. Eating behaviors. 2016;22:211-6.

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