Delicious Detox


Happy New Year!

I hope this year is your best yet! Unfortunately when this time of year rolls around instead of raring to go, many of us just feel like a detox.

While ‘Detoxification’ or ‘detox’ generally refers to the removal of a phamocological toxin in cases of drug abuse. The term quickly got stretched into a way to target belly fat, a quick way to lose weight or to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

A detox agrees with our psyche, we all want to remove the pain and guilt of what we’ve been doing. “Buy this product.....” and you are taking action, regaining control of the situation - we all like that feeling.

My Berry beet bowls are packed with detoxing power!

The ‘toxins’ (xenobiotics) that build up in cells are in fact self-inflicted (you knew that didn’t you).

Mostly from chronic over consumption of sugar, carbohydrate-rich foods and alcohol (you also knew that didn’t you!) Removal of these xenobiotics requires metabolic breakdown driven by enzymes in every cell of our bodies.

According to the research on detoxing, the way to increase the activity of the natural cellular enzymes that detox the body is via the consumption of plant foods.

The best dextoxing foods

In particular, rich green, yellow, reds and orange vegetables, legumes and fruits are shown in research to boost natural detoxing cellular pathways & processes. Read more in our Report, The Clear Science of Detoxing.

Boost detoxing ability - sneak more vegetables into your eating with my delicious Hot Cakes!

The problem is, in the most recent survey of what we eat, 96% of Australians don’t get the minimum requirement of vegetables.

No wonder so many people feel they need to ‘detox’!

Rather than endure some silly 3-day detox diet then slip back into your old ways. Let’s look at some delicious ways to detox naturally!

Boost your body's natural detoxing ability with some delicious recipes that sneak more vegetables and plant foods into your plan.

After a few mouth fulls, you will actually hear your liver applauding!

My Savoury Crepe Bake is not pasta but it looks and tastes like it!
high in protein and packed with detoxing nutrition.

My salads are meals and always colourful - hint colour is detoxing potential!
Try adding fruits like strawberries, blueberries, apple, orange, nuts, seeds and ginger are great.
I guarantee you'd have the makings of a great salad in your kitchen right now.

Make your own Berry Chia cups packed with nutrition minus the empty calories.

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