How to get your hot cakes perfect!


Help! My Hotcakes are falling apart!

Whether you call em hot cakes, patties or rissoles, what makes them so delicious and easy to eat is the ingredients are bound together and shaped into a flat disc then cooked!

Sounds pretty straight-forward but...

The first few times I made them, they'd just crumble apart... tuna, meat, chicken it happened to all of them. Has this happened to you?

No matter how closely or accurately you follow the recipe, things can and do go wrong!

So, what can you do differently?

What can you do to prevent this from happening again?

Here’s 5 quick troubleshoot pointers to achieve the perfect hotcake.

1. When making tuna patties, you need to ensure you remove any excess liquid. This is most important for these types of patties. I actually strain my tins of tuna using a sieve, then using a piece paper toweling pat the tuna dry before adding it to the mixing bowl.

2. Apart from adding the egg, you may need to add another binding ingredient to soak up the excess liquid. In this case, I added 1-2 tbls of flour. I use corn starch/cornflour, however, any all-purpose flour is fine. *Note – even though flour falls under the high-energy category, the amount used in making patties is negligible when portioned out. So the patties are still classified as an Outside the Window meal.

3. Don't over-mix the ingredients, mix carefully but too much handling will result in the mixture becoming heavy and dense.

4. Make all the patties the same size. This will ensure they will cook at the same rate. To get even-sized patties, I use a measuring cup and spoons to measure out my mixture. I sometimes even use egg rings to help me shape the patties in the frying pan!

5. Most importantly, do not overload the frying pan! This allows steam to be trapped near the cooking patties, and might lead to the patties being steamed instead of pan-fried. If you place too many patties at once into the preheated pan, this reduces the heat and the patties will then release juices and begin to stew. Leave some space between each patty when you place them in the pan.

So there you go – I added some flour, as the mixture was still a little too moist, and I re-positioned the patties further apart in the pan. The remaining few batches of patties I cooked, were perfect!

By implementing and self-checking your patty cooking using these 5 pointers, will have you conquering the picture-perfect hotcakes every time!

Challenge yourself and give some of my recipes a go!

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