It's coming


I’ve got to say thank you to all of you that keep asking “when’s the New Cookbook coming out?” It drives me even harder to make it the best I can.

The problem is, completing a great Cookbook on your own, takes time.

I complete every aspect of the entire process myself.

And it starts one recipe at a time.

Every recipe I develop individually, via researching and experimenting in the kitchen or learning something new from others. Sure, it’s great to gain insights from watching other experts or reading their work but I’m always asking my self...will that taste good and give my MP family the body and health they want?

In the kitchen creating, Uggies n all.. this is when I'm happiest

Then it's back to the kitchen, to work on the recipe until I think it fits the MP ethos perfectly!

If I don’t love to cook it and eat it, it won’t be in the book. If a recipe takes a week or a month to perfect, I don’t mind, I know it will be feeding your family, the people you care about and that’s important to me.

Once I’m happy with it, the real work begins!

Cooking great food is one thing, capturing great pics of food is another!

Great food pics make you want to eat! So that’s what I try to capture in every shot.

If I’m lucky, it takes one to two full days of preparation, cooking and shooting to get ‘that’ great shot for one recipe. Often it takes more...but I absolutely love the process and would not have it any other way.

I’ve been steadily compiling great recipes and pics for a few years now, as well as creating the odd video clip!!

More recently, the book production process has been a focus; the layout, the editing, the design, content selection and formatting before it even gets to the printers!

So its definitely a labor of love!

One that I’m very passionate excited about.

So just to let you know we are aiming to have the NEW MP Cookbible available later this year!

Talk to you next week.

Love your body.

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